Monday, July 04, 2016

RUN NO. 2497 SUBOK 67 28JUN16

RUN NO. 2497
DATE: 28 JUN 2016

Ready to go

Great two length run at Subok 67 with a HUGE hill to start and then a great run with a mix of slippery, tricky trail and a nice long run to stretch out legs! Never Wrong’s DIY run report questionnaire came out with fab feedback for the run, the length, the run difficulty and the nice, short and sweet shout up!
Hares Never Wrong & Duchess of Cambridge

Peachi Keen found the check with Mrs Pingu being front horn and Tracy being back horn
Lara, Peachi Keen and Mrs Pingu found a turtle on the trail, which they valiantly moved to keep it out of the way of the rest of the hens’ feet, but the determined little critter came back to meet some of the hens who came after!
Size of the Terrapin compared to our back horn

Never Wrong celebrated her 500 runs, Mad Marge having taken her to spg 370 for her first ever run. She kindly gave everyone a bookmark to celebrate.

Delicious tortillas, roast chicken and other fabulous toppings, de-licious!

NEXT RUN: JALAN DADAP, OFF Jalan Tutong. Onon at Never Wrong's. Bring Swimmers and chair.  Ariadna & Sure Thing's last runs.

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Sarah Boye said...

Hi there, i'm new to Brunei. trying to find a way to contact someone to see if I can join in the next Hash. I've seen it's on 19th and is an anniversary one? Would love to hear from someone. thanks