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RUN NO. 2496
DATE: 21 JUN 2016

QUESTION: Why did the hen cross the road? To complete the second half of Mean Machine's heart shaped farewell run of course!
Front & Back horns

Rapier Range, one of the less commonly used Ladies' Has sites, was chosen by Mean Machine as the location to lay not only her last run, but to enjoy her last hash before heading to the sands of Abu Dhabi. She and fellow hare Ryvita laid a trail which started along the road heading back towards the Coast Rd, climbed up the hill to the left and then meandered along the top of the ridge before heading down to the road and car park again.  Hens then had the choice to call it a day or to cross to the other side, climb up a shale bank and once again wander along the ridge top in a gentle curve before arriving back on the road from whence we originally climbed the hill to start the trail. Peachi Keen managed to find the first two checks with The Recruiter claiming the third.

Mean Machine checking out the rain?

Sounds lovely doesn't it? And it would have been a delightful promenade along what had been referred to the previous week as 'a runner's trail' of about 4.5-5kms but for the torrential downpour which waiting just a few minutes after the start and then let loose from the black clouds which had been gathering overhead. It's not often that I feel cold on a hash and trying to jog along the top of the ridge with no jungle protection, glasses which needed window wipers, and rain feeling like millions of little icy pinpricks on my skin was certainly a new hashing experience for me.  Negotiation the ups and downs amongst rivulets of water and lots of sploshy mud without slipping over also required careful management. However the decision to press on and complete the second half of the heart proved a great choice as the rain soon eased off and hens who had made the effort were treated to glorious views of the ocean, amazing skies, a delicate rainbow and glistening jungle.

The rains did mean that the ground underfoot at the shout up site was a bit messy but thankfully the tent finally arrived and the tables, groaning with food so thank you everyone, were placed over the worst of the mush. Hens spent some time answering Mean Machine's Last Run Quiz and then lone JM Smurf called us all to order to begin shout up reminding us that it was the summer solstice. Our wonderful hares were thanked and down downed with Mean Machine ordered to keep her bells ringing through the evening seeing as she had not been able to wear them for the run. Mean Machine had chosen to wait for her last run to be awarded her 50 runs goblet and actually took her leave with 60 runs to her name. Also thanked were Itchy Feet and Never Wrong for services as front and back horn. The quiz was marked without too many surprising answers and a few announcements were made.

50 runs for Mean Machine

We were very sad to hear that Goodnight Kiwi's mother had passed away - Smurf had passed on our sympathy to her. We were forewarned about Founder's Day at the end of the year having a theme of the Golden Sixties as this is our 50th year of hashing. Finally our 2500th run is coming up on 19th July and this will be a committee run at Lucky Gardens. Remember to bring a plate and also t ensure you are a paid up member to receive mid year goody bags at this run. To end should up has shit was awarded to .... (drum roll).... yes you guessed it.... Peachi Keen for not signing out again!  Mean Machine also nominated herself for hash shit (repenting of old sins) and the two took their punishment in style from Trailblazer.
The hashit challenge

Bracing themselves

Give it to us!

The deed!

The shared food was delicious and good times were had by

Next weeks' run at Subok 67 was announced with hares Duchess of Cambridge and Never Wrong. Walkers are advised to turn around at first check unless they have a torch. If they continue on for the rest of  'The Subok Experience' they will find a pretty trail which is not very hilly. The going is a little slow at times though so it's likely to be dark when you come out. Shout up will be at Duchess' residence.  Please park considerately on the main road.

NEXT RUN: SUBOK 67 - Pls park sensibly

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