Monday, June 13, 2016

RUN NO. 2494 DIPLO 7JUN2016

RUN NO. 2494
DATE: 7 JUN 2016

What do you get when you combine veteran hashers with an iconic hash site. A great workout in the Diplo, that's what.

It is always a good sign when Tuesday hash is combined with a public holiday. Hens gathered panting with anticipation. Everyone was warned that there were four checks and several were heard to wonder if it would e a really long hash. No, it was a perfect length of approximately 3.5 kilometers. It should be mentioned that the first check was particularly fiendish.  Why? To allow all hens the opportunity to see Beamish's hole. It certainly had hens scattering in all directions and rumour has it that it took 25 minutes to find.

It should be mentioned that hens exited the jungle at the middle Diplo site, an area not used in recent memory, another coup for our veteran hashers. 

Once hashers were out and sitting comfortably under the new moon, our JMs called for the hares. All seven of them came up to the cries of good run or not enough water.

Back horn was Duchess of Cambridge, front horn Rush Hour. There was one First Time Guest who had old timers laughing at her comment of the hash being uphill followed by downhill and repeated.

Kaissa became a new member.

Food was outstanding with a huge variety of deliciously cooked homemade healthy fare. Thanks hares.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - GAWAI RUN and hashers are asked to wear a Gawai t-shirt if they have one
Wear longs if you want to avoid being cut by razor grass.

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