Monday, October 05, 2015

RUN NO. 2458 DIPLO 29SEP15

RUN NO. 2458
DATE: 29 SEP 2015

All arrived feeling optimistic that our Diplo run had to be easier than last week’s 7 in 7 killer! And “all hail the Hares”, so it was. Coolish and picturesque, yet with some challenging hills, sharp jagged branches and slippery rocks just to keep us from enjoying it too much. Mrs Pingu and Trailblazer stepped up keep the herd together as front and back horns. Ta very much.
Hare explaining procedures

On arrival we suddenly found ourselves at WAR. No longer one happy chummy group we were divided into two dynasties – the Yorks (white roses) and Lancasters (red roses) – and were told by Alison that we were to ruthlessly search for roses for our teams along the way. Well, anything goes when you’re sweating in the jungle and driven by the lure of food and beer, so I was ready to push a few Yorks down a few hills to grab a red rose for my team! Bring it on….

Fast forward to about 45 minutes into the run and us back runners were feeling slightly downcast and losing our killer instincts. Where oh where were those roses? The fast bunch had obviously nabbed them all and gee it was getting dark. Whilst feeling our way through the blackness there was general agreement that even if there were some roses still lying about, we definitely wouldn’t see them.

So out we trudged, rose-less, but revived by instant refreshments at the On On. Then, unsettled yet again by flying darts! Apparently the idea was to throw the darts at a dartboard but not sure that was a good idea during all out WAR!!! Amazingly no-one was hurt so eventually a jolly time was had by all as we were pretty much forced to reunite very cosily under the tent to escape the rain. Huge congratulations to Black Beauty for her 300th run and big warm Hash Welcome to Tamara and Helen.

This was followed by a War of the Roses quiz where we should have known all the answers but where instead “No idea” and “God I’m hungry!” could be heard rippling through the stunned, clueless crowd. Sorry Hares, woeful performances all round. We did fare a little better in the ‘Guess the word’ game though!

And of course we all love a good Hashit drenching! And there were no less than 4 offenders: Never Wrong, Psycho, Yogi Beer and Ally for various hideous offences including TALKING during the speeches and (gasp!) bringing a MAN into our vicinity! Where’s Wally was positively gleeful at the chance to chuck the bucket this time! Next time boil them in oil please.
Nice photo! Mass Hashit..

And once all the points were counted who were the victors? Well, I’d just like to say we were all the victors in this brutal, senseless war – brought together by a great run, lovely people, excellent food …. 
No actually it was RED! Ha Ha!! And we got prizes and White didn’t. So there.

On and on and on ….


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