Thursday, October 15, 2015

RUN NO. 2460 KM104.7 NCR 6OCT15

RUN NO. 2460
6 OCT 2015


Well another Tuesday but a very different site, a new one for the Ladies hash. We set off early to beat the traffic and to ensure we arrived on time not being absolutely sure where the site was, but it was actually very well marked and easy to find, maybe not so easy to get off we thought !!
Trying to remember where the signs were positioned for later collection we headed in folowing H3 signs on to a muddy track towards the tent. Not many hens gathered compared to the recent high numbers but it is half term so we assume some are off enjoying themselves away from the abode.
Signed in and ready to go we were informed by the JM's that it was a short run and as we scanned the horizon it wasn't going to be a very jungly run either.

Paper was hunted down and front horn Hash Hound and back horn Never Wrong sounded us off back along the muddy track we had all driven down. A scramble over moonscape, plus very muddy patches found us at first check. Many were looking but it was still not found as we approached, so being ever intrepid Cheryl and I went off back checking and found the paper – onon paper pause

The trail went in to what would have once been trees and scrub but which was now blackened tree trunks and grasses desperately trying to reestablish themselves in the ashes of the previous fire by this time everyone was streaked with blackened ash marks on asses, legs, arms the lot as we found ourselves climbing probably the only hill around. Up and over to hear second check being called by Ready Mix, back to the right and back down to the open area to see the cars and tent but not directly back as we circled round on the muddy roads to reappear behind the tent.

Thank you ladies for a different site and gentle run, followed by excellent food.

The shout up as always even with reduced numbers was a lively and noisy affair, one guest – welcome, welcome, welcome.
Guest Diana
3 new members but one was missing – welcome, welcome, welcome and of course Dizzy was back so the hash-it was assured unfortunately for Dizzy she hadn't signed out but even more unfortunately she admitted to it and no one had noticed!!!! She wasn't alone as a hash teeshirt was missing from one of members (sorry didn't catch your name) and both got a serious drenching from the JM Twinkle Toes.
New members: Yanna & Geri
Great hashit for Dizzy & Ariadna

NEXT RUN: Paper starts at top of hill, Park at bottom of hill and Sign in. - Bring a chair to ONON
SPG 378
This weeks run set and organised by the October birthday girls – Jenny from the Block, Alice in Wonderland, Alison, Pedigree Pup, Miss Goody Two Shoes and Led Astray.

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