Monday, September 28, 2015

RUN NO. 2457 SUBOK 564 22SEP2015

RUN NO. 2457
DATE: 22 SEP 2015 (3rd of 7 in 7 runs)

S c a r y
U n d u l a t i n g
B l o o d y
O v e r   t h e    top
K i c k   a s s   h i l l s

Ladies Hash welcomes 7 in 7 run.

Apparently you only have to say Subok and there is a sharp intake of breath. And with reason. The 7 in 7 Run set off at 5.15 sharp. To reach first check there was a vertical scramble up a very slippy hill. I was still in shock at leaning on a 15ft tree which er.... toppled over, followed by 2 men hashers who did an about turn and decided to go the reverse way round. (Didn't like to ask in case it was "boy thing".)

Hash Hound sped past us with front horn and were entertained by a very musical horn from one of the 7 in 7 guys. Hornbill was back horn as we all (well, myself and Bunny Girl) developed Tourette's as we conquered hill after hill after "are we there yet?" hill!

I love the word challenging. It's a euphemism for "OMG there are steep hills but you'll feel great at the end".  And we did!

We all arrived safe and sound and according to the Boys "fragrant" at the On-On. Delicious spring rolls were handed out as Twinkle Toes and Squeak started the shout out and handed over to Susan.

I have to call this part of the words BLAH BLAH BLAH as I struggled to make out what was going on.

It went something like .... thanks to all the JMs and GMs.... Where's Wally? hash shit...  ... where's Grandmother? hash shit ... .... Minnie the Moocher.  Lots of applause.... Where's the plates?  ... Dodgy jokes .... .... On On!


And with that the delicious food and funky music were served.  Huge success and a lot of very happy Hashers.  Thanks to all involved,

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - War of the Roses (You might want to dress up!)
HARES: Alison/Black Beauty/Sam I Am/Pee Wee

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