Monday, September 21, 2015


RUN NO. 2456
DATE: 15 SEP 2015
The hares

It was a huge relief to all the ladies that today's rain was this morning. Salambigar Falls otherwise known as Mentiri Falls was only 5 minutes from school so you would think that I could get there on time. With a minute to spare I signed in and started heading back up the hill to school. There was lots of beautiful jungle, fresh and misty (or was that hazy) and with the Latin American inspired theme - we were all tasked with collecting paper to make a flag. Good job we had Mean Machine with her super memory to constantly remind us of the combinations required...yes that was three pieces per flag - red yellow red; red white green; and blue yellow red....I think!
First check was found by Peachy Keen and second by Mean Machine- both back checks and not too fiendish. It was a great run...lots of paths, jungle, unders and overs and a little balancing act near the end. We loved the climbing wall on the white paper out and were pleased to be one of the first so it was not a mud slide. Equally there were those happy to avoid it and come out on blue paper. Was it 4.8 or was 5.2km ..who cares it was a bloody good run.
On on was at Casa di Gin Trap with a true South American warm welcome, including pink flavoured refreshments. Moustaches for flag bearers and lots of noise.

Tonight we celebrated Itchy Feet- 50; Twinkle Toes -150; and Smurf  - 750 runs
Announcements all focused on 7 on 7 which is next week - on the Ladies Run remember to wear your black hare t-shirt or shop t-shirt.  Oh dear Where's Wally - keeps forgetting the hash bucket - Does she chance the algae swimming pool or a bucket of water?

Thank you Gin Trap, Speedy Gonzales, Sam I Am and  Over It for the yummy Mexican food to celebrate the Mexicon Independence Day.
NEXT RUN: SPG 564 SUBOK -  3rd run of the 7 IN 7
HARES: MRS PINGU/GOOD NIGHT KIWI - Wear your TUESDAY FORECAST SHIRT or your B.I.T.C.H. shirt., and your dancing shoes



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