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RUN NO. 2444 23 JUN 2015

RUN NO. 2444
DATE: 23 JUN 2015

Cars rushed by at frightening speed as the hens gathered by the entrance to the waterfalls.  We were reminded to be mindful of those fasting and hide the drinks.  There was a choice of runs – short one on pink and a longer one on white.  Peachie Keen started us off.  Up the hill we huffed and puffed (with no houses made of wood to blow down, only trees – Oh just a minute we are hens’ not little pigs)  Both pink and white paper took us up the long hill, then across the bulldozed road and continued up the hill again and down.  There is a scientific rule in life – What goes up must come down! We practiced that rule a number of times before the run was over.

Hornbills in the jungle
Pretty trails


I think Hash Hound found a check but as she escaped after the run I didn’t get chance to ask her.  The paper split and the short run went down the hill and I presume out by the stream.  The longer run was on a familiar path that enabled those so inclined to run, or for those who like to plod/walk and talk we could!!!  Thanks to the hares for being thoughtful and giving us a lovely run suitable to all our needs and preferences.

Then the adventure started.  It was like the amazing race ladies style trying to find the on on!  But I must say the signs were very helpful.  Once we gathered at hornbills abode we were welcomed with a shot of rice wine.   Might have to change our name to “ladies shot hash” with all these lovely surprise drinks we keep being given.  There were amazing smells coming from the kitchen too.

The JM’s started by welcoming a first time guest brought by Satu as Trailblazer (hare) was blazing through traffic.  Then they thanked the hairy hares for a great run.  We were celebrating Gawai.  Lots of photos were taken of Hornbill and her “house boy” (as TT named him for the night) dressed up in tribal outfits.  I love the fact that I get to celebrate lots of different things at hash and learn about other cultures and traditions. 

It was announced that there is a 7 in 7 organized  (7 hashes in 7 days) in September so sign up and attend those run or if you want - just the on on’s.  Sounds like the male hashers just want an excuse to drink every day for the week!

Next week’s run is a little bit of everything.  Not too hilly. Not too flat. Not too long.  Not too short.  The run starts on Jalan Ping Ping, First right turn, just after the roundabout, at the end of the highway leading to Serasa.  Two virgin hares plus some more experienced hashers and will be laying the trail.  So come along bring some friends.

Keep calm and just hash

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