Friday, July 03, 2015


RUN NO. 2445
DATE: 30 JUN 2015
Hares (missing wonderwoman)
Another Tuesday afternoon in the abode with a different place to go.... Pimping we've not been there for sometime. Thanks to the fasting month we breezed over Jln Muara roundabout and headed for the coast road for hopefully a quick drive down towards Muara and the run. Quite a few cars gathered on the road just before the grave yard and a huddle of hashers could be seen collected around the tent and signing in board ready for the off. No words of guidance from the JM's this week so we headed off down the road wondering what was to come.
JM Twinkle Toes checking the runners.


Front horn Mean Machine and back horn Gin Trap were there to guide the pack on left down the road from the site. Having laid here a while ago it was most likely that we would follow paper along the road, past the house and then right further along the power line trail to the pylon and that is exactly where we went and where myself and Cheryl plus a few other injured or less enthusiastic hens turned back. A very good stroll for those with bad backs, sprained ankles and end of term tiredness, thank you.

Hornbill and Kem by the Banana plantation at the bottom of Kapok Kanan which had some of the front runners trumped as a check was placed and they went the wrong way.....

The rest of the hens I am reliable informed enjoyed a trail and road run around bamboo and grasses coming out from near the grave yard. There were 2 checks the second of which was found by Mrs Pingu and she thought first check was found by Pee Wee or someone else, congratulations whoever you were. There was no real complaints and the walkers who turned back like me were out just about the same time as the front runners so thank you ladies. All in all another memorable ladies hash which saw Squeak with her ankle up and iced and Gin Trap having on site surgery for thorns! Lets hope she got the lingering stubborn one out at home.

To the on-on, JM's in full flow again, a big thanks to the hares 2 hash virgins and several old hands, a sad farewell to Tongs good luck in China, one guest, a Canadian, sorry did-n't catch your name came along with Mean Machine but missed a little of her tutorial and got her sponsor the hashit........ that's the way to do it.... NOT!!!

Some entertainment from the two virgins which disputed their status as virgins!! Good jokes ladies Mrs Pingu's Dad has competition!

A few announcements for the 7 in 7 hash and the band gig at Linggi's at the weekend.

Then two new hash handles never to be known as Siohban and Karla again but to be everlastingly known as Where's Wally and Pedigree Pup.
Farewell to Tongs who will be heading off to China

This week's run ....... well there's really not much I can say as a bad back has kept me from reccing but we all know good old upper Diplo so some water crossings, some ups and downs are all likely!!! Don't forget bring a plate of food to share for the On-On

NEXT RUN: DIPLO - Bring a plate of food to share.....

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