Monday, January 12, 2015

RUN NO. 2420 SUBOK 309 6JAN2015

RUN NO. 2420
DATE: 6 JAN 2015

Holidays are over, and some 50 hashers gathered at PeeWee's for the first run of the year. Knowing Subok, we were all bracing ourselves for the inevitable: up the hills we'd go!

With some ducking and diving (mostly from Mean Machine), Hash Hound picked the front horn, and we were ready to go. The run started gently through the Subok water falls and then it was up, up, up, up, up.

The first check was a bit cheeky but from then on the run was pretty straight forward. More up, up, up and then down, down, down. The story goes that the Hares were scared by a pack of stray dogs, so it was slightly improvised. But a good run nonetheless, less mud than last time!

The new committee was finally present in its full capacity, and welcomed us into the New Year. No Hash Shit was dashed out as no one had brought a bucket, despite of few candidates. We had two first time guests and one new member. Mrs Pingu provided us with some Hash Entertainment with a delightful arsehole joke (you had to be there…. It was actually quite funny.) She promised more for the future hashes. The shoes that have done the rounds since the run at Dizzy's finally found their rightful owner and some announcements were made that I can't remember…. Except for a problem with the Hash Shop - some helpers are needed.

Unseasonably for January, the skies stayed clear so everyone migrated from underneath the marquee to enjoy the the beautiful sunset with delicious curry and some German treats for pudding. Hopefully this year will carry on like it started!

NEXT RUN: SPG 791 JLN MUARA TANAH JAMBU (MORLEY MOVERS) - Wear Longs and lots of mossie sprays.

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