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RUN NO. 2419 30DEC14

RUN NO. 2419
DATE: 30DEC2014

When I arrived on site at twinkle toes house the hashers already came out of the jungle. Sorry, but it seems to be the norm nowadays that I am late from work.

Debbie offered to help me to write the words…

After several days of hard rain, the skies cleared just in time for the run to commence. The Horn blew and into the jungle we went. Due to the afore mentioned rain, we were all trying to grab onto the nearest anything to keep from falling. Finally, after much slipping and sliding, we regained our footing, and down the well-marked trail we went.

The first and only check was found after a bit of searching and we were off once again only to find that we had to cross a mighty river (see above reference to torrential rain) via a log that somehow got stuck just enough to make bridge that had everyone thinking that maybe swimming wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

After counting heads to make sure no souls had been lost to crocs, snakes and god knows what other creatures, the trail was quickly found. Up to the ridge, past the secret garden gate and out into the clear we stumbled only to find that one last challenge in the form of climbing down a sheer rock face awaited us.  

 Start of the descend!

Once that was conquered by all, it was a much appreciated easy walk back for the On-On.

As we were so few hashers, the shout-up took place in Twinkle Toes house, which was good, as the lawn area was very wet after all the rain.

We had the usual down down for the hares, then thereafter no announcements, no jokes, no Hash shit. (By the way, I took the hash shit along to Pee Wee’s house, just in case anyone is looking for it).

Thank you, hares, for the nice chicken curry, the delicious sandwiches and the G&T’s.

Last not least, wishing all the hash members a happy, healthy and successful New Year


NEXT RUN: SUBOK 309 (Please bring a chair) and park sensibly

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