Monday, December 01, 2014

RUN NO. 2414 DIPLO 25NOV14

RUN NO. 2414
DATE: 25 NOV 2014

The beginning of the year and we start with the dependable Diplo. 
Slightly different this time, down the hill and turn left, over the stream and up the other side and then sort of keep right. Anyway that is how it seemed to me, and by that time I was puffing a bit and seeing double, which might be the reason that I missed the trail. Yes I know, it is hard to believe that at this stage I was the front of the back runners, but girls, I was rather concerned because the checks were not picked up and laid through properly. Hence at the back end there was a bit of confusion.  No harm done, but front runners, please check your hash rules. 
As you know, I was reminded of just that at the shout up, for which I received First Hash Shit of the Year Award. 
At the shout up we had two new hashers and our new JM's officiating for the first time. Most importantly the hash was a charity run for a UK hospice in Yorkshire, UK, in commemoration of Alison's Mother. I certainly hope we managed to bump up the donation to the hospice, and on everyone's behalf, I would like to thank Alison and the hospice for our Star Pins, which are particularly appropriate at this time of year.
Merry Christmas to all our lovely hash friends.
OnOn Dizzy and Wendy aka Lassie
NEXT RUN: SUBOK - Please park sensibly and bring a chair

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