Monday, November 24, 2014

RUN NO. 2413 SERASA 18NOV2014

RUN NO. 2413
DATE: 18 NOV 2014

What an evening to be had – a night to indulge your whims and fantasy. The Serasa Yacht Club provided us with a great venue to hold Founders Day 2014.

The Singing Nuns

Most runs laid - winner and close runner up

Most hashits

Best dressed!

Out going JMs Hashhound and Wonderwoman!

Wonderwoman started you off on the run which was a fast ‘find the lost hasher’ event – the closest one of our committee admitted that she would come to a live run! Spicing up the run were the roving lost hashers that you found in nooks and crannies, cafes, playgrounds, trees, rocks, and beaches. For some ladies hashers, it was a case of ‘now you see her, now you don’t’, and that lost hasher who had the orange bands isn’t actually where we saw her last time – wherever did she go? After a bit of searching up and down the reserve, most of you did find who you needed to and despite some frustration, in the right order!

Just to remind ourselves – you needed to collect the finger bands IN THE RIGHT ORDER – (many thanks to Smurf, Recruiter,Trailblazer, Hash Hound,Squeak) and last but most importantly, to find your orange ping-pong ball from Twinkle Toes in order to claim your Founders Day 2014 goodies!

And what goodies there were – a very stylish grey/pink combination Founders Day shirt and your very own named chair. Hoorah! The Brunei Hash Hens gifts are truly stylish and functional. We will all put those chairs and shirts to good use in the coming year I am sure :->

After a shower and change, you transformed yourselves into ‘the singing Sisters’ - I will follow him…., Iron Man, angels, fairies, evil queens, Marj Simpson, dancing girls, ninjas, superhero’s – Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman and all manner of fantastical figments from our imagination (and perceptions of real life!!). Fun was had with the table quiz –guess the hasher/event over the 2014 year and the Pop Culture Quiz – that was pushing the limits for some of us! Great punch, music (thanks to Martin), dressups and prizes for best dressed (Buttercup) and runners up, great entertainment – what a cracker of a night.

Many thanks to our outgoing GM, JMs and Mismanagement Committee for their hard work and commitment to us throughout the year and a warm welcome to the 2014/2015 GM – Black Beauty, JMs – Twinkle Toes and Squeak, and the full incoming Mismanagement Committee. We look forward to a fantastic year ahead with many great runs! On On……..
NEXT RUN: DIPLO (Light of Love run)
HARES: Alison/Cheryl/The Recruiter

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