Monday, December 08, 2014

RUN NO. 2415 2DEC14

RUN NO. 2415
DATE: 2 DEC 204

So we’re in the festive season and our hash is a wee bit quiet compared to usual. But there were plenty of us nonetheless. Those of us who have hashed for a while recognised Dizzy’s tactics  We did the same run last time. So up the hill the FRBs went, canny hashers such as myself thought, ‘stuff that, there’ll be a check there, I know where the on-paper will be.’ Indeed I was correct and the on-paper was down the road. I knew paper would go up the hill at Bukit Serdang, but it wasn’t very well laid so I had re-lay a lot so hashers could see where it was going. So…...upupupupupupupupupupupupup, along, upupupupu, along, upupupupupupup, DOWN and down we went very carefully until we hit the road again.

Back at Dizzy’s we had a lovely pasta dinner  Great shout up. Ready for next week’s run which will be very similar, just the next ridge along  on on xx 

NEXT RUN: SUBOK 309 (Pls bring a chair)

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