Monday, November 10, 2014

RUN NO. 2411 SUBOK 564 4NOV2014

RUN NO. 2411
DATE: 4 NOV 2014

The rain had been heavy the night before the Run so we knew it was likely to be a muddy one and it was still threatening more rain when we signed in so when we were told it was going to be a 5km run and we would need torches most of us decided to play safe and do first check and out! We were right to do so as it was so muddy and slippery in the jungle we were all struggling to stay upright! That was without any green or blue! A few of us didn’t even make first check but turned back after 30 mins while others tried to reach first check before turning back. It seems that a few managed to do the whole run although no one claimed the checks as it appeared to be a team effort! Anyway although it was dark when we got out we all did get out and in one piece! Sid left some cute on on feet biscuits for us at the boards which were a treat!

As usual we all then proceeded to make ourselves comfortable for the shout up but then the rain came so we all had to get very cosy under Mrs Pingu’s house which made for an intimate shout up! I do think a thank you is due to Mrs Pingu for her hospitality!

The shout up started and the Hares and Horns were duly thanked and Jane was made a new member! Hoorah!

Then it was the turn of the Celebrating Hashers. There were loads of them with more than 2000 runs between them!

Tina with 400 Runs, Sid with 600 Runs , Trailblazer with 600 Runs , Survivor with 450 Runs , Duchess of Cambridge with 100 Runs and the 50 Run first award for The Recruiter. Well done all of you!

Novembers Birthdays babes which included me [see next week!] were brought up for a song and some cake. The poor JM’S had to do yet another renaming so Nippon San is now something else but I really can’t remember what………..

Hash shit was given and poor Dizzy fresh back from holidays got it again………..although shared with Smurf! As it was still raining the honoured ones simply went out for a soak ……a very gentle hash shit if I may say so!

Hashit for Dizzy and Smurf with JM Wonder Woman
Post shout up we dined on some scrummy chicken, vege pizza and salad which we all enjoyed thoroughly so thank you hares. It was still raining at this point so there was nothing we could do but stay cosy and drink a little more………………

On On


Please bring chairs and swimmers if you fancy a dip.  Please park sensibly  and not to park in front of peoples driveways and there is plenty of additional parking outside the compound. Thanks!


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