Tuesday, February 11, 2014


RUN NO. 2371
DATE: 28 JAN 2014

This week’s run was the Australia Day celebration run organized by three of our Aussie members. The run was set for Sleazy Gardens, an excellent and popular but not often used run site. Tuesday afternoon rolled around and for the first time in weeks the weather was fine with no threat of imminent rain looming on the horizon, so in my car I hopped and off I zoomed for Sleazy Gardens to join my fellow hashers for an afternoon and evening of exercising and socializing. Unfortunately I had been sick over the previous few days and lugging the water out of my car and across the front yard showed me very quickly that there was no way I was going to be able to complete the run which we were warned was ‘challenging’.

At 5.15 Hash Hound sounded the horn, called “On-on” and we were off. We traipsed along the road for a short distance then veered off into the jungle and straight into our first lot of mud for the run, followed very quickly by the first challenging hill. It was about this time that due to an inability to be able to breathe meant I had to opt for a less challenging walk (i.e flat and short). Accompanied by Squeak and Nancy who were “making sure I was okay”, I meandered off for a bit of a walk around the local Kampong.

First runner (Hash Hound) completed the run in just over 50mins. She came out of the jungle with a tale to tell. At the first check most of the checkers went in one direction and Ika and another hasher went the other way to check. Hash Hound was standing at first check to call “Checking from here” when she heard the call of “On paper” come from the direction of the main pack. After a few minutes she realized that Ika and companion had not come back from where they were checking so she set off to find them. This is when she found Ika stuck in mud and sinking. They managed to get Ika out and headed off to find the trail. Well done Hash Hound for your keen observation skills and making sure that all hashers were safe and on trail.

First check was found by Speedy Gonzales (guided by Trailblazer) and second check was found by Ikea. All runners were out of the jungle and safely back at the run site by 6.45pm. At this point a few of the hashers took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful swimming pool available at the run site. (Yay, gotta love Sleazy Gardens).

Before the shout up began the Aussie Hares handed out a quiz. I gave it a go, but obviously I’m not enough of a bogan because I got three answers wrong (I can’t believe that I forgot that the Torana was made by Holden!). The winners of the quiz ,Tiffany, Anna M and Ryvita, were awarded with a packet of Aussie themed biscuits.

Shout up went very smoothly, with one new guest joining us (another one recruited by The Recruiter) and one returning hasher – welcome back Jeannie! GM – Squeak – took the opportunity to remind all members that it is their responsibility when signing in guests to make sure that they write down whether or not they have paid their guest fee. We were also all warned that a failure to do this in the future will be a hashit-able offence. After this there was a gift exchange where hashers who had brought along a gift were called up to select one in exchange from the gift box. The shout up concluded with the awarding of Hashit to The Recruiter and Chi because they both forgot to sign back out of the jungle! Basic, rookie mistake guys!

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens - The Waitangi Day celebration run organized by the NZ committee.  Please bring chair for on on at "Hash House"

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