Monday, June 24, 2013


RUN NO. 2339 ---- live run -----
DATE: 18 JUN 2013
HARES: Tina/Hashhound/Speedy Gonzales

Run 2339 was at 420 Jalan Muara, nice warm day for a run.

It was a live run today, so we had to chase the Hares; Hash Hound, and Speedy Gonzales. There are no checks on this run, and the Hares led the pack with a 2min head start. The third hare Tina did the back sweep. The Women's hash has not done a live run for two years, so we were all pretty stoked to give it a try. Leaders of the pack; Ryvita and Mrs Pingu took off. Often times they could stop the Hares but never quite caught up, arriving 3mins behind the Hares.

Everybody made it back in for the On On, great run, a little water, a little hills and some nice flat land to allow those who wished the opportunity to run.

We had two new visitors tonight, Vanessa who has been studying in the UK and is now her looking for work, the other was Zoe from the UK via New Zealand and has been in the country for 4months. We also had a returning member Jenny who is the daughter of Hot Lips. So welcome to the all.

We than had some celebrations Mother Nurture and Duchess of Cambridge both celebrating their 50th run and Tina who now has completed 350 runs. Way to go girls.

On a sad note we said goodbye to Hashwit who is moving on, she has completed 78 runs. She brings her humor to every Hash and will be missed but all of us. So good luck Hashwit, enjoy your up coming travels. Prior to her departure she treated us to her jokes, and a Poem "Jungle Love".
Another visit last night, was Pee Wee she brought her daughter to her first On On. Start them young, maybe we will start seeing her at Family Hash. The women had a lovely time visiting with Genieve, a great addition to the Hash Family.

1.  Satu Lagi reminded us of the Highland games this week Saturday in Panaga,
2. On the 29th of June in Kota Batu "the Night at the Races".
3. On the board there is a list if you consider yourself a "Brit" put your name on it help with an upcoming Hash.
4. Photo contest, submit your photos to Hash words. It could be picked to be in the Hash Calendar.
5. HashCash has asked that you submit your fees for the second half of the Hash year. The amount is $120.00 due before the 1st of July. Next week, the hash list will be posted with the individuals highlighted that pays dues every 6 months.
6. Well the Founder's Day theme has been announced. The theme is "at the Circus".

Next weeks Hash is the Canada Day theme. It will red and white for the On On. On a personal note I want to say thank you, for letting me be apart of this fantastic group of Women. I will miss my weekly hike through the jungle, and the friendships that have been created. I look forward to taking my experience in to the mountains of Colorado and the Denver Hash program.

Canadian Recipe
Nanaimo Bars

Bottom Layer
1/2 cup of butter
1/4 cp white sugar
1/3 cp cocoa
1 large egg
2 cp crushed cookies (I use Maria cookies)
1 cp coconut
1/2 cp crushed pecans
1 tsp vanilla

Middle layer
1/4 cp butter
2-3 tbsp milk
2 tbsp vanilla pudding powder
1/2tsp vanilla
2 cp icing sugar

Top layer
1/2 cp  chocolate chips
1 tbsp of butter


Bottom layer
In a sauce pan melt butter, remove stir in sugar cocoa, than gradually whisk in the egg. Return the sauce pan to low heat, cook stirring consistently until mixture thickens. (1 to 2 mins). Remove from heat and stir in vanilla, cookie crumbs, coconut and chopped nuts. Pressed into prepared pan. Cover with plastic wrap and in the fridge for one hour.
Middle layer
With mixer, beat butter until smooth and creamy, add remaining ingredients. You can add extra milk if to thick. Spread over the bottom layer and refrigerate  for 30mins.
Top layer
Melt the chips and the butter and spread over the middle layer and again in fridge for min of 30mins.

NEXT RUN: Spg 355 Jln Tungku - Canada Day run
HARES: Annabel/Mighty Maple


K said...

Hi and good morning,

My Malaysian friend and I are keen on joining hash in Brunei but do not know where and how to start. Searching through the web I came across this site. Will really appreciate if you could guide us through the process. Thank you and have a great weekend.


henswords said...

You could email us at and we can let you have the site for you to come along - we change sites every week. Where abouts do you live?
Trailblazer onon

K said...

Email sent. Thanks. :)