Monday, June 17, 2013

RUN NO. 2338 KOTA BATU 11JUN2013

RUN NO. 2338
DATE: 11 JUN 2013


View of River at onon

As work had kept me late once more I arrived late at the hash site, however not too late to go in. Slipping and sliding, pulling myself up on the ropes one makes it finally huffing and puffing to the top of the hill just to see some beautiful trails wondering past steep cliffs and lots of mud to slight ON-ON-ON.

Once in for a while we, as I were to carpool it was my mistake for bringing other hashers late to the side my apologies, however as I said when in for a while we stumbled upon our hash ladies who made their way back along the trail. Just to find shortly after a sign stating if you were here past 5.45pm to front runners we looked upon our watches and decided 5.53pm was close enough to continue (something you should never do as a fellow hen would have to go in to find you if you were too late and surely with that in mind we tried to rush ourselves a bit).
Past the wall, slip slide and roll all the way down must have made up some time so we were good. A few seconds were taken to look at the beautiful waterfall displayed in front of us, to return to the trail and ON we went. In the mean time we had past some of our dear ladies hashers so we weren't alone.
Coming in late I had no idea where the checks were nor who had found them, but well done ladies for laying the trail through so we could find our way back out and down the steep hill right before it got dark!
Thanks front horn Mrs Pinggu and back horn GI Jane for driving the pack back in safety.
After a little drive we were welcomed in Dizzies paradise where songs were sung, hashit was splashed and a wonderful Pakistani dish was presented to us. Not forgetting the amazing chocolate cakes to top off an other wonderful hash evening! Thanks Dizzie and Velma for a great night!
NEXT RUN: Spg 420 Jalan Muara, Kg Sg Tilong ----- live run. Please park considerately -- wear longs
HARES: Tina/Hash Hound/Speedy Gonzalez

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