Monday, July 01, 2013

RUN NO. 2340 SPG 355 KG TUNGKU- 25 JUN 13

RUN NO. 2340
DATE: 25 JUN 2013

The starting themes to the Canada run this week were a beautiful new run location and new parts of the jungle to explore.

There was oodles of mud, water and hills with some very muddy socks and trainers by the end of the evening. It was worth it as we were treated to the most beautiful view across the Borneo jungle.
Stunning vines, golden sandy river beds and lovely local picture plants along the way were all laid out for us which made the hills feel less steep. With two outs, one long and one not so long we all ended up with some good exercise and more wonderful memories of the jungle with all its wild beauty. Mother Nurture wore the bells all round the jungle as this was her last hash. Ikea found the first and second checks, one of which was unusual and tricky the other very muddy. Mrs Pingu found the 3rd check. Well done ladies!

JM in sync with theme

The on-on was coloured red and white to match the Canadian day theme with the tent decorated in billowing maple flags.
We welcomed 4 first time guests, who are all visiting Brunei by yacht. We also said a very sad farewell to Mighty Maple, whom will be mightily missed.
We were also blessed by Satu Lagi donating a yummy tipple of rum and Mighty Maple setting a Canadian themed quiz for our entertainment. We all received lucky numbers and won Canadian goodies!
Poor Trail Blazer received the hash shit for her phone going off but she also received a cooling beverage to celebrate the arrival of another grandchild. Congratulations!

Thank you so much Mighty Maple, Annabel and Satu Lagi.

HARES: Hana/Mother Nurture/Hillary

Please remember to wear your ‘Long legs’ and long sleeves as the grass is mean! Also to park with respect at both the run and the on on. .... Bring a chair.

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