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RUN NO. 2323 SUBOK 26 FEB 2013

RUN NO. 2323
DATE: 26 FEB 2013

At 5.15 sharp, the horn sounded and hens set off from Pee Wee's Subok istana. Everyone thought they knew where they were going but the run turned our to be a twist on the usual theme. A quick left as we rushed out the gate instead of the usual right and then it was on through the houses heading for the nearest piece of jungle. Just prior to entering the jungle there was a check to see who was awake. It caught s few of us out but Satu Lagi and Ready Mix were't fooled and headed off in the right direction. Hens were soon in hot pursuit.

Of course everyone who has hashed on Subok knows that at some stage it is necessary to climb onto the ridge and this was our time to reach new heights. Not a figurative expression. Up we went until we were up above the valley and gazing down on some magnificent views, as we strolled along a familiar trail,

The run was a good length and allowed all of us the opportunity to get our heart and legs working to full capacity before it was time to head down to the valley again. Once again hares provided a scenic route and we passed by a lovely looking pool and small waterfall. The thoughtful hares had provided s rope to help us negotiate a last steep slope and then we were back at the sign in board again. Glancing back we saw a beautiful sunset and the jungle silhouette of the ridge we had so recently been walking.

The Shout Up was a busy affair with Pee Wee and Mrs Pingu given enthusiastic thanks for their run. Two first time guests were introduced, one of who'm had been in Brunei for seven years and the other a month. Hash numbers swelled as three new members joined the hash and were given the obligatory rule book. It was announced that Madam Sin had broken some ribs and a card was passed around to sign. GPS had sent a message that she missed us all and then Mrs Pingu told a joke.

In the ensuing laughter we all dispersed for laksa and a bit of a chat with friends. It should be mentioned that the laksa was very tasty and several hashers were overheard asking for the recipe, Thanks hares for feeding us so well.

NEXT RUN: SALAMBIGAR LINK --- Please bring a chair --- on on SPG 420 JLN MUARA, KG SG TILONG

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