Monday, February 25, 2013

RUN NO. 2322 MATAMATA - 19 FEB 2013

RUN NO. 2322
DATE: 19 FEB 2013
HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix/Jenni from the block/Serene

Well I arrived a tad late, due to the usual traffic encountered on the way to Mata Mata. The Hens were already disappearing into the jungle as I parked up my car, so were well and truly gone by the time I’d put my shoes on and signed in. The paper led us across fairly open ground and in to a very well known trail - which is so much wider than it used to be! It’s like a highway these days! I was quite pleased as I know this trail really well, I’ve laid three runs on it - including one for the Hens at the end of 2010. And I do know that it’s at least the second time our lovely Chinese hares have laid this for a CNY run - although last time it was backwards - which I think is rather more challenging!

 I managed to catch up a little bit, as I could hear ‘Checking’ and then on-paper called, I’m pretty sure the check was laid down and to the left, and the on-paper was back and to the right. The paper then took us down to a wee stream, across a bridge and up to the right. He we began the ascent of a gentle but very long hill! Up, up and up we went, over logs, under low hanging branches, until we came upon another check, which is where our front runners came a little bit unstuck.

As I caught up, there appeared to be a bit of confusion. Alice in Wonderland was on the back horn, standing on the on-paper, duly calling ‘on on’, this was exactly as she should have done, but confusion abounded as our front runners had gone on from the check, and must have gone rather a long way and found some old paper, as they were calling on too! It’s always handy to look at where we are, and what time it is, and where the paper is leading…..Anyway, luckily the rest of the hash followed the paper and came out via a long down, another steepish up and another down - out onto the dirt road, which gives us a chance to either stretch our legs and run back, or to enjoy a nice stroll and a chat on the way back to the tent.

When we got back, we established that there were only 3 missing and why they were missing. They appeared as we were losing daylight, and we were very glad to see them.

The shout up commenced and was very abley conducted by our JMs, hares were down-downed, as were a few FTGs, and our FRs were hashitted. Then our Chinese Hares, treated us to what has become a CNY run tradition for us, we took our chopsticks and tossed the wonderful food, taking care to keep it all in and not to throw any out, ensuring the best of luck for the coming Year of the Snake. Finally a lovely spread of traditional Chinese food followed so we were all more than sated with all of the wonderful fayre. Thank you Hares!

NEXT RUN: SUBOK 309 --- Pls bring a chair
HARES: PeeWee/Mrs Pingu

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