Friday, February 08, 2013


RUN NO. 2320
DATE: 5 FEB 2013
HARES: Nicki TC/Rachel K

Awww Dude, Tuesday’s happening was righteous!

I was on the scene, lip flapping with some groovy chicks while waiting to boogie, when we saw a real gone cat booking it towards us with a dog. Through my peepers I could see that things were about to get hairy. Our hare was bummed – she’d run out of paper, lost her other dog and she needed to jam.

No need to flip a wig though, our hash is tight. One flowerchild did her a solid and got trail paper out of her car, while another supplied a driver so the hare was ready to peel out within about five minutes. The first dog was wiped out though, so she was left at the site to chill.

The rest of the gang came truckin up in their bean wagons and cropdusters, decked out in their choice hash paraphernalia. Finally, the man sounded the horn and we all cut out from the carpark and onto the paper trail. First check was quickly reached, but only found after rejecting the first call of ‘on paper’ as bogus.
The first hill (which seemed to go on forever) blew the doors off any thoughts of cruising – getting blitzed by a couple of knocked up chicks was a bit of a bummer, but I continued to hang loose and soon everything was groovy. The trail temporarily flattened, then turned left and went through some choice jungle. At this stage a couple of fab keeno’s joined the party, then blew through with a cherry ‘see you at the end!’ – so gnarly.

The trail turned left again and that’s when things got a bit groady. Still, hashers are not all show and no go, so I refused to flake and just kept beating the feet until I finally reached the ‘short/long’ run divide. There was another check here somewhere, but it was out of sight, so some fast and funky chick must have found it.
Dudes, the run so far had been freaky, but this cat was feeling pounded, so I told the long run to ‘climb it Tarzan!’ and I hung loose with our mighty fine Doc (who promptly did a brody and hurt her ankle – but all was sweet – I found a boss stick) and we cruised on out.

Back at the sign out, the crew rapped for a while before peeling out for the on-on at Rachel’s pad. Did you see the Fuzz on the other side of the road, checking out the badass speed freaks? Heavy man, heavy.
After changing our rags, we all hung loose until our funky main dudettes got the ball rolling and the shout-up started. We had five (count ‘em Daddy O) first time guests, three of whom came to the shout-up; Sam, Janet, and Val. Even better, two choice chicks (Doris and LeAnna) joined our bitchin gang – copasetic!! Finally, hash was stoked that our very own Smurf has done 650 runs – jazzed!!!

The nosh certainly wasn’t gutt waddin, the company was fine, and the jokes were a gas. We all enjoyed the evening until it was time to bug out to our own pads to crash, wiped out from a real blast! Next Tuesday’s happening will be right on – it’s time to party like it’s 1963, so get out your inner flower child and get ready to groove. Until then, keep it real dude. Peace out.
Scribe Squeak

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan

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