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RUN NO. 2284 DIPLO 29 MAY 12

RUN NO. 2284
DATE: 29 MAY 2012
Front Horn – Satu Lagi

Back Horn – Squeak
How refreshing for me to recollect with a clear head the events of last night, as thanks to Daughter no 2’s French exam I left the hash site early to conjugate verbs and split infinitives, which makes a change from the splitting headache my poor body has become accustomed to on a Wednesday morning.

At the sound of the horn, the front runners sprinted off, with Satu Lagi ably hooting all the way as we all sallied forth wondering what might befall us in the delicious deepness of Diplo. The odd flash of cerise and turquoise lycra contrasted with the many hues of green and brown which we would have paid more attention to had we known that Sarong’s alter ego, Dr Irene, was going to set us a horticultural challenge at the shout up!

We soon came to first check, which turned out to be a back check and was found in short order by Melissa, I think, possibly due to a rogue strip of yellow paper along the trail which gave a lucky clue.

Although I always imagine I am going around in circles at Diplo, we seemed to be following some newly cut paths which were a little arduous for the taller hashers due to low hanging gnarly branches which appeared too serpent like for comfort in the half light of the Bruneian evening. However, one of the more vertically challenged amongst us, Satu Lagi, ended up to her waist in muddy water whilst negotiating a stream but resolutely held her horn above the water and hashed onwards, whilst the community spirited Mad Margz quickly rerouted the trail for the rest of us so that we could avoid the same fate.

There was another near shocking incident as we were gingerly crossing a very slippery log above a murky stream, no doubt populated with several nasty killing creatures. One of the branches being used for balance above snapped and fell in to what suddenly seemed like a raging torrent below, leaving one lady hasher almost in need of smelling salts at the shock, although like a real trooper, she made it across and harried forth, as any good hasher does.

Second check was found with the normal efficiency one would expect from this fabulous bunch of hens and ultimately we came across the racing snakes that are Madam Sin and Smurf who, in the absence of Ryvita, had taken up the reins as front runners and, apparently, sprinted round once and come back in for all the stragglers, demonstrating an athletic prowess that most of us could not even aspire to.

The last path provided a nice opportunity to run out smoothly into the half light of Diplo, which Cheryl quite rightly said during the shout up should be re-named “Sarong” after all the runs the good Dr. has laid for us there.

The shout up was rather rowdy at times and as usual I was unfairly targeted by the JMs for the hashit as I did not speak a single word (a few sentences, but not a single word!) and Mad Margz came to my defence and deflected the JM’s challenge. I’ve always admired the kiwis….

There was one guest, a Brit and a friend of Sunny’s who arrived in Brunei a few months ago and two new hashers were inaugurated – Clare Reid and Sunny.

We celebrated Sarong’s incredible achievement of completing over 400 runs and she let us know that she will invest in a GPS device so we can look forward to ever more challenging runs!

Thereafter the rowdiest group of hashers attempted to sing “Come on Irene [sic]” (Dexy’s MR - which really gave their age away) and “I’ve got you Babe” - Sonny and Cher, surely they weren’t old enough to remember that one? Oops, I forgot I was one of them, and yes, they were old enough!

The delightful food of the evening was served by Dave, yes ladies, there was a man amongst us, and actually a mini-man as well because Django also put in a guest appearance (surely the coolest name in Brunei). The boys served the most delicious curry and although by that time it was dark and I couldn’t really see what I was eating, it tasted very yummy.
Thanks so much to Sarong ,Trailblazer and Zu for a very good run, and a memorable shout up with delicious curries.
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