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RUN NO. 2269 - KOTA BATU - 14FEB2012

RUN NO. 2269
DATE: 14 FEB 2012
SITE: Kota Batu
HARES: Dizzy/Madmarg

Another dull and threatening day. Knowing we were to rendevous at Dizzy’s house and there would be hills and more hills, I hoped the weather would hold off. We gathered across the road, many hens in pink to celebrate Valentines day.

A slow start straight up the Spg. and into the jungle track bought those front runners to a sudden halt with 1st check laid just in the jungle, Sneaky! This had hens scrounging in all directions looking for the on paper which finally got found back down the hill, along the road and back into another jungle trail. Well done hares, A tricky start. Off we went as predicted up and up. 2nd check proved to be another corker with hens scouring the stream and slowed us up nicely so back runners caught up – as a well laid hash should do. 3rd check proved to be on the Kota Batu ridge overlooking Kampong Ayer with a bench to rest and gasp upon as we admired the view. Ready Mix J.r kindly laid the paper through and then we were down and out. Back along the road to gather at Dizzy’s for Valentines Day shout up.

An interesting array of Valentine’s wear, a cocktail and proceedings got under way. Two guests introduced themselves. A new member, Wendy Haldane got her rule book and stubby holder.

We were just about to wrap up proceeding for the night when we had a surprise guest – Peter. Although we were delighted to have him once again, and he was very obviously very delighted to have us, I have to say that poor Peter is starting to look a little worse for wear. No longer a young and vigorous Peter we first met 5 years ago, he is now looking more ragged around the edges. His stamina proved sadly lacking with a droop noticeable before we had all been properly introduced. Those legs once young and vigorous now have the look of a voyeur in a raincoat. Alas, Peter is looking used and abused.

Never mind he has served us well.

It is a sad day that I write these words as this was my last run as a hen on the ladies hash.

I was asked to go for a wee run in the jungle 12 years ago, having only been in Brunei a few days, by Schnapps a.k.a Doris. And a wee run it was, being Founders Day 2000 . We did a short pleasant amble at the now bulldozed NCR water tower. ”Yes”, I said, I like this hashing, “I will return”. Little did I know that next week’s run was to be the dreaded Kota Batu 702. Another site now denied to us. As we went up and up and up, I had my first taste of true hashing in Brunei. 2 hours later more dead than alive I staggered out, and did vow to return. The rest is history. Having now done 389 runs on the ladies hash, 200 odd runs on the hetero hash, numerous “7 in 7s” hash relays and even a “9 in 9” and now hashed in Goa, Cardiff, Wales, Perth, Chiang Mai, Capetown, Mombassa, Kenya, Fiji, Hash away weekends on Pulu Tiga and Merarap Hot Springs in Lawas you could say I have got the bug. Having hashed in so many countries I have to say that BRUNEI IS THE BEST!. I will miss the jungle trails, the mud, the hills, the beach hashes the heat, the pristine jungle streams, and the friends I have made along the way.

On On Magic Roundabout

NEXT RUN: DIPLO (Farewell run for Magic & Tango)

HARES: Sarong/Magic with Buster & Trailblazer

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