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RUN NO. 2270 DIPLO 21 FEB 2012

RUN NO. 2270
DATE: 21 FEB 2012


HARES: SARONG/MAGIC with Buster/Trailblazer

Peace was broken in Diplo. The horn sounds and they are off. Watch out snakes the hens are coming!!! The hens slipped down the first hill coming to a small brook to find the first check. The hens scatted in various directions. Call Girl spotted the trail from the other side of the water and then had trouble finding her way across. Up and down the chattering hens went to the next check which was located by Pee Wee. The final check was found by Call Girl again. Everyone came out safely if rather dirty and wet declaring it to be a good hash. Thanks to the hares – Sarong, Trailblazer and Magic Roundabout.

Unfortunately it was the last hash in Brunei for Magic Roundabout (so called for getting lost and wandering round in circles for some time, before being rescued) who is/was also our JM. We also had to say goodbye to Tango (who doesn’t drink beer but always carries round a blue cup!!!). They were given a small momentum of their hashes here, along with a card signed by all hens and a photo album. Madam Sin rewrote words to” Those Were the Days My Friend” to make them more appropriate to the Brunei hashing adventures. The song was sung at full volume with everyone joining in the chorus – La La La!

Call Girl announced that next week’s hash (28th Feb) was supposed to be in the jungle and up to the reservoir, but bulldozers have destroyed the trail and left a giant crater. Another hash site gone in the name of progress! The hash has been moved to the other side of the road. Beginning and ending at Nicki’s house #6 787 Jalan Muara – Salambigar. Everyone was advised to not wear jungle foot wear but comfortable running or walkie talkie shoes. (Bring a chair if possible).
Our new JM was welcomed in – thanks Sue for taking on or being pushed into the role. Then it was time to eat, drink and make merry but OH NO! Smurf declared we had run out of blues – Never mind “ON ON”

NEXT RUN: Spg 787 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar --- Please bring a chair---

HARES: Nicki TC/Call Girl/Duchess of Cambridge

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