Sunday, December 20, 2009


RUN NO. 2156
HARES: Satu Lagi/Peahen/Claudia

4.52pm: I arrived on site, and wondered if I had the wrong place. Only 5 cars and no gaggle of hens catching up on events as usual. Oh, Christmas does take its toll. But by 5pm  the ranks had filled out. Hash baby was kitted up with the bells as this was to be her last run. Very appropriate as she jingled all the way.

The horn sounded and we were off, only to slow to a walk as we tackled the big hill in front of us. Finally at the top, and down we plunged all the way to the bottom moonscape and back into the jungle again. 1st check was called and took a while finding as we were short of  front hares. Finally found by Magic on the side track. Down to the bridge and there was 2nd check tucked in to the side. Ryvita and Claire hared it up the main trail only to return after a long search. As Smarty pants me said it could not be to the right as that was short and out Jessica was sent into a little ferny not well known track. Call Girl went up the right trail and On paper was found simultaneously by Jessica and Call Girl in different locations. Dilemma. Which way to go?, Which was correct.? We took the larger path and found both were correct. Jessica had cut the trail and found On paper too. Up onto the main ridge and another check. Poor Claire ( nice fast long legs) was sent off checking in the wrong direction again . On paper found by Isuzu, and out we went, through the windmill area, only no creaking windmills any more, and out we popped where we started. Down the hill again and we were home.

We had a more than usual number of the halt and lame with Miss Pink and Domestic Goddess taking it easy after their eye ops and Norma crippled with a huge caste. Not done hashing, only a mundane slip on the old bathroom floor.

Peahen asked if we had any encounters in the jungle and told us they had found a little pit viper while laying the run. Lucky we did not know as we plunged around blithely. Any sensible snake would be smart to get out of our way.
To a soft gaslit evening and thunder and lightening in the distance we settled down to the shout up.

One1ist time guest, Sarah from the Gold Coast who promised to come again. Hash baby got her certificate and framed photo to remind her of her hashing adventures in Brunei. She promptly downed her ‘adds’ Aussie style, straight down the hatch. We had 2 birthday girls, Domestic Goddess and Karen. We received our fabulous 2010 hash calendars. Thanks girls, good job.

NEXT RUN: Tasek Lama - Sheraton end
HARES: Never Wrong/Trailblazer/Magic Roundabout

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