Friday, December 11, 2009

RUN NO. 2155 - RIMBA 8 DEC 09

RUN NO. 2155
HARES: Sarong/Eastern Promise/Speedo
FRONT HORN: Suzi (with assistance from Readymix) BACK HORN: Hash Baby

After the previous week’s more than wetter run, it was a great relief that last Tuesday was dry. Rimba is becoming a favorite location for the hens – not that I am becoming any more familiar with its maze of trails. The instructions from the hares was to follow thin white paper and NOT thick white paper from the men’s 10k run the previous week. That noted, off we went up the road towards the roundabout and up the bank though plenty of long cutting grass…noice…. We crossed the open area and up into the jungle. 1st Check was called and found by Picked Lilli. We carried on for a little bit and came out into the open again and I’m thinking….okay this is going to be a swift run back, hope the greens are cold….but the paper takes us past the old workers hut and we go back into the jungle and get a good run.

Second check is in another open area, one I didn’t recognize. We all spread in various corners and Pickled Lilli found the on paper again pretty swiftly so off we all went to her and carried on only to find that the paper ran out….doooohhhh…it the wrong paper. So we are all back to checking and I found the on paper further up the open area on a rocky slope. We’re back in the jungle and I still don’t know where we’re heading. I’m with Alison and Sue and we come across third check on the trail. Most obvious thing to do….run ahead and that’s what Alison did and found the on paper just a little ahead. Or so we thought it was. The paper was the same colour, new but shorter, if a little damp. There was plenty laid and we guessed the hares just ran out of the longer paper. So on we went for another 5 minutes until the paper ran out again. By this stage it was close on to 6 and getting a little dark – time to call for real directions! Wrong paper yet again and it was actually a back check. So like the family on The Bear Hunt, Back through the forest! Stumble trip! Stumble trip! Stumble Trip And by this time it was becoming a big dark forest. Sue and Alison find the on paper and after following the trail for about ten minutes we find our way out to the back of the abandoned houses. Apart from the minor confusion with the papers it was a very enjoyable run and a good workout for everyone! And well done to Suzie as virgin front horn!

Back to the tent for a quick wash and the OnOn. With our two JMs away on their hols, the evening proceedings was handled by Bunny Girl. Firstly thanks to the hares followed by a welcome to our first time guest Aria – we hope to see you again – and a welcome back to returning member Jessica. Congratulations to Naj who officially celebrated her 500th run this evening. And we had a good poem and jokes about boobs and bits from Bunny Girl, Speedo and Wina. We were reminded of Secret Santa for the Christmas run – don’t forget if you are staying for the OnOn, please bring a wrapped gift of no less than B$10 in value.

We ended the evening with delicious briyani from what is becoming the favorite H3 Indian The Maharani - thank you Sarong! On…On!!!

HARES: Satu Lagi/Peahen/Claudia

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