Monday, June 15, 2009

RUN NO. 2129 - SUBOK 67

DATE: 9 June 2009
SITE: Subok 67
HARES: Sid/Kate C/Fiona - The Librarians
FRONT HORN: Anna BACK HORN: Trailblazer

A lovely evening, although the weather has been hot and humid lately; Subok Spg: 67 was nice and cool as it is high up. The hens arrived as usual chit-chatting about this and that, with the ice hen smashing the ice (the latest method: with hammers) with the help of other hens, the JMs sorting out the finances with the Hash Cash, and the drinks hens emptying cartons of drinks into the bins in readiness for the ice. Yes it was just like the hens in a chicken run.

“John did not help to lay the run, it is a ladies’ run. For Walkie-talkies, you can come back after a drink” Mrs Pingu announced.

So we all set off and as expected of Subok runs, it was up and up down a bit then up again. After about 15minutes we arrived at my favourite spot in Subok, a local farmer’s nest. A lovely spot where one can survey a breath taking, Mother Nature’s creation. A few years ago I suggested to the farmer that he should build a restaurant up there, to which he replied “No one would walk up here even if it meant eating here.”

Glamour sat innocently on a bench behind the farmer’s building, holding what looked like a bottle of water; upon seeing us she produced tiny red cups and poured the drink in the cups and offered each approaching hen. Expecting G & T, Christine and I took a large gulp and almost chocked as the burning spirit went down our throats. Luckily I had some water and diluted it. I actually did very well since Christine could not take another gulp and offered me hers. Yes, Alice in Wonderland drunk it with no difficulties but alas! The heat got her. The rest of the hens carried on ahead.

Alice and Diana managed to go round and according to them, soon after the drink the run became very strenuous. It would appear that there were no checks found.

This is what Diana wrote (Alice too had a similar experience):-
“Too early I thought to give up now and after just a short discussion – shall we shan’t we??? Off we went into the unknown as far as I was concerned never having done a hash in this part of Subok. It’s reputation goes before it, with hills and more hills, and not to be disappointed we were soon down into the river bank and then climbing a very steep and difficult hill – crikey I thought, how long is this hash going to be – looking at the hills in front of me, I realised that it was going to take every bit of energy I could muster. My water was running low, so desperate measures were needed – I empted the one and only electrolyte sachet into my remaining water and hoped it would last me through to the end. I scrambled up yet another hill and surprise, surprise we were on the out trail. Only ¾ hour and I had visions of at least an hour and a half.

Where were the checks I wondered, although I was up and fairly close to the front runners? I didn’t hear a check called – I asked around and only got a vague response as to whether or not there had been any checks and if so who found them! Soon all such things were forgotten with a nice cold 100 plus and nibbles being handed round before the entertainment began…”
As Glamour, Christine, Linda and I sat admiring the hills and debating on whether we should carry on, Smurf and Madam Sin joined us. They advised us to turn round as the trail ahead was very rugged. Before long, Tango came running and puffing and wondering why she was going in for the second time. “It is a lollipop” we told her. “If she hadn’t found us,” Smurf observed, “she could have been going round and round all night.” However we found out that we were in fact on the other side of Tasek Lama

All good things come to an end, Glamour packed her bottle and cups and we all walked back. After one hill, we found Trailblazer at a junction, doing what she knows best, directing every one where to go so that the hens that had gone all the way round did not do what Tango did. And so we all trekked down to the site.

When we got back we found plenty of food laid out for us by the Hares. We even had starters before the shout. During the shout out we were entertained by the Three Boeing Girls, Magic Roundabout, Ah Struth and Mad Marg, perhaps as good-bye to Ah Struth who will sadly be leaving Brunei soon. The JMs tried to make us all join in their weekly entertainment by making us sing “LADIES NIGHT” MM Yeah, What a night……….
Unfortunately most of us cannot sing very well, or may be it was due to the special juice up the hill, because we sounded as though we were returning from a good evening out at a pub or a British football match!!

As we were all very well behaved no one got the Hashit.

NEXT RUN: Tungku Link - Latifuddin Complex
HARES: Not Yet/Alice in Wonderland/Diana P
Truly an “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" type run


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