Friday, April 24, 2009


RUN NO. 2122
DATE: 21 April 2009
HARES: British Ladies

What do they say – Hurrah Hurrah!!!!

It was an overcast afternoon that saw us all gather at Serasa Yacht
Club for the prestigious St George’s Run. We arrived to a colorful
array of… Red and White… Everywhere.

Gathering by the pool we were to discover an interesting run of sorts
– find a clue, go to another clue, complete all the clues to
eventually complete the run. For some of us antipodeans a bit hard to
do when most clues meant very little to us… But with a few brilliant
minds amongst the group nothing was too hard.

Now a bit hard for me to remember all the clues but here it goes:

First clue… “Peewee - spend a penny”... If you ask me I thought she’d
be like any good kiwi spending a penny - AT THE BAR. But no… off to
the long drops we go!Next clue… “Down Brighton’s Pier” (Where’s that?)

And off we go again. Next Clue… Shoes by the beach... Ah – one we

Next Clue… Ok real tricky – why cant we just say LAMPOST!!

Next clue… Oxford and Cambridge… Visiting universities? No it’s rowing
(go figure)

OK, from here to flag poles then to the ends of England. Or should I
say Serasa Spit!! Then the long run/walk/chat home to Serasa Yacht Club.

Aaah, we made it to discover we get stickers on our chest and off to
play Top Town (Ha one for the kiwi’s!). First skipping, which I must
say was very good fun. Next Hula Hoops – ok, you’d think with hips and
thighs like I’ve got the thing would stay UP! Egg and spoon race (nice
style Willi and Kate) and finally up and down up and down in the sacks
we go (again hip thigh problem of getting them in the sack). RUN
COMPLETE!! Then lovely bandana gifts and off to the showers.

The On-on was very enjoyable. Lovely cocktails and Bunny Girl looking
HOT! Everyone dressed in red and white. We welcomed a new guest Willi

On-up made special mention of those who stood OUT in the various
games: Yann and Smurf proving GREAT IN THE SACK, Melissa and Gail
proving GREAT WITH THEIR HIPS IN THE HOOPS, Kate, Willi and Judy
proving they GREAT WITH KITCHEN UTENSILS AND FOOD, and Ready Mix and

Lucky draws followed then a wee music quiz!!!!

A special mention was also made in regards to a collection to go to
the Breast Cancer Society in memory of Lee. So dip deep ladies as Hens
Hash is going to match whatever we donate. Also, our wonderful Jane
will be doing a 5km walk and we can all sponsor her through a special

Satu Lagi accomplished her 50 runs and rewarded with the customary pot.
Shout up done.

And finally an English evening would not be complete without yummy,
yummy fish and chips (& green mushy things too!!!) followed by home
baking. (On-up – want your sponge recipe!)

Then BOOGIE ON DOWN to Disco Diva! We love you WHAM!!

Hey you wonderful English ladies – a really enjoyable, fun great
night. Thanks so much for all your effort and time.

On On Cath C

NEXT RUN: Spg 1087 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar - ANZAC RUN - Dont forget your colours of support!
HARES: Cath C/Ruthless Pursuit

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