Monday, April 13, 2009

RUN NO. 2120

RUN NO. 2120
HARES: Eastern Promise/Norma

Rain in the late afternoon did not deter a good flock of hens from gathering at the electrical substation that marks the start of Bukit Serdang’s trail. Only one way to go UP ! Muttering, cursing, swearing, sweating, we all made it to the top eventually. How many hens stopped to look at the view or to catch their breath?
The trouble with Bukit Serdang is once at the top one does not stay there, it is down and up, down and up. We met our veteran hasher Glamour who had found all checks and was going all the way, Go Glamour! You inspire us all.

We eventually popped out onto Jln Kota Batu and a short run along the road to sign out and head off down the road to Dizzy's house.

The Easter Run shout up started to the usual banter of hens, pullets, layers, no doubt discussing the desirability of Dizzy’s house as a permanent shout up spot. A Coop with a view, yes, that would work.

Hares were thanked, a lone guest introduced, Gail from the Gold Coast. Wonder if she still has a home there or has it floated away.

A Joke was bought by Gordon who couldn’t read it as she needed her glasses. I can relate to that Gordon.

Rosie urged us all to trip over out tongues with a rendition of Egghunt Egghunt Egghunt. Say that fast and see what happens.

Hash handles were bestowed on Lee, now to be known as Roadrunner. Heather S: Fertile Myrtle. Lynn: Aunty Lynn. And Amanda S: Bunny Girl. All very appropriate and well received.

In the midst of all the gaiety Madame Sin’s voice was heard to cry out Beer! I don’t drink Beer. Now we all know that’s a whopper. She must have been having a little off day!

Hashits were finally passed on to the hares eastern Promise and Norma for not staying at the hash site to ensure all hens were out safely. Gail the guest’s mobile phone went off so Rosie had to take it in her stead. How many people have whales in their garden?

A repast of curry puffs and Easter Eggs rounded off another Tuesday in the life of Brunei’s feathered friends

On On
Magic and Tiga

Next Run: MTF, Kg Bukit Kebun, Jalan Muara - Towards Coastal Highway end
Hares: Tiga/Magic Roundabout

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