Sunday, April 19, 2009

RUN NO. 2121 - MTF

RUN NO. 2121
HARES: Tiga/Magic Roundabout
FRONT HORN: Anna BACK HORN: Trailblazer

It was with heavy hearts that the hens met for the run that afternoon. We were all still reeling from the tragic news of the death of Lee ‘Roadrunner’ Jefford.

The hens came to the run to pay their respects to Lee and find support within our Hash family. The love, support and kindness that I have seen and experienced that night and throughout the week makes me so very proud and privileged to be part of the Brunei Hen House Harriers. Together we are strong.

In Hash tradition the horns were carried on the run but in respect to Lee they were not used. The Hash horns were silent. The start to the run was quiet and respectful.

Off we went doing what we do best and what Lee would have wanted. Into the... mud. So much mud... and so deep... that’s MTF!

After negotiating our way through the mud and most hens managing to keep their shoes on we went into the jungle. This was much nicer than the mud and I was enjoying the scenery when we came upon the signs directing us to either the short or long run. Not one for the easy option (well…) I went on the long run. The run was great with everything we Hashers enjoy and some crafty checks – I even found one!

The run ended with a bit more mud and then we were out.

The shout up was a sombre affair and started as usual by thanking the Hares. We also had 3 first time guests Jane, Monique and Vix. Virginie was also made a new member so a big Hash welcome to her and we look forward to getting to know her.

A few words were said in tribute to our beloved Roadrunner and we made Lee an honorary member of the Hash so we will always have her with us.

As mentioned in Lee’s Memorial Service we will have a yearly memorial run for Lee to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness to continue with the work she was so passionate about.

We look forward to having Auntie Lynn back with us at the Hash soon.

Lee ‘Roadrunner’ Jefford so greatly missed but never forgotten.

On – On
Bunny Girl

HARES: English ladies

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