Friday, December 21, 2007

RUN NO. 2052

DATE: 18 DEC 2007
SITE: Morley Movers
HARES: Mardmarg & Never Wrong
FRONT HORN: Misfit (returning hasher)
BACK HORN: Ah Struth
HENS: 26 Hens 5 Chicks

There I was once again caught up in the usual slow driving competition . There was a procession of square box type cars that closely resembled potting sheds on wheels—the type we find in the back yard of your grandparents house.

Anyway it was to be Madmarg’s 250th run so it was a run not be missed.– unlike the run of the previous weeks which had everyone talking for its tropical downpour and treacherous slippery slopes.

I was given the job of backhorn so took off up the hill toward the reservoir and into the jungle. Only about 10 mins later when we came to an abrupt halt with much fussing and concern. A biggish fat green snake had coiled itself in the middle of the track and was not going to budge even though 30 women were yelling and gesticulating at close proximity. I had seen this type of snake before and felt sure it was a pit viper—and confirmed it later after checking on the internet.
I was getting concerned that we were spending too much time here as it was overcast and daylight hours would be short. Eventually after much deliberating about alternate routes around the snake, it was on on again. I was with Naj towards the back when she heard the first check being called and she took off to the right along a track. I thought this path was a dead give away as quite a bit of bracken fern had been cut that day and sure enough Naj was soon calling the On On paper.
With the absence of the front horn I stood on the paper and tooted my horn for all it was worth until the front runners caught up. I was told by Readymix to wait for Magic Roundabout as she had gone off a long way ahead looking for the paper. I was nearly ready to give up when magic appeared and we carried on together for the rest of the run.

I believe that Norma found the second check but by now was too far back to be sure. It was a welcome sight to see the road up ahead after a fairly short run we emerged from the jungle as it looked as it was about to rain and so it did.

The shoutup was lively and we toasted Madmarg and Neverwrong for the great run and also celebrated Mad Margs 250th run and returning hasher and front runner Misfit. (Trailblazer tried to give the hashit back to MadMarg as she had a blonde or "red" hair moment as she had told one of the hashers that the run was at Mata-Mata, instead of oh, where was it Marg she was setting the run herself? Well they all sound the same and start with M& M - but the jury voted! and Jan M got the hashit for the ultimate hash sin of forgetting to sign out.)

Delicious Pizzas arrived by a poor unfortunate pizza delivery boy who was swamped by the semi naked and smelly ladies. The rain continued to fall which created a nice ambience as we solved the worlds problems under the tent. On On (Scribe: Struth)

Serasa Yacht Club - usual start time.

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