Monday, March 19, 2007

RUN 2012 - 13 March 2007

Run: 2012
Date: 13 March
Site: Morley Movers
Hares: Smurf/Madam Sin/Tiga/Mandie S
Front Horn: ClaireBack
Horn: Trailblazer

Well done to Glamour and Veronica. They completed the run, found all the checks and left the paper in impeccable order so that the rest of us could enjoy it too. Furthermore, hashers came out within about 10 minutes of each other which is another sign of a well laid run (and good checks—ed). And the third is that I found my first check after three years of hashing, so very well done hares.

Front runners set off at a fine pace as usual but were well stumped at the first check. I arrived to find a gaggle of clucking hens all standing around vacantly and asking each other where the check was. No no no.

Girls this is not the idea, it will not be found that way. A further stroll in any direction is all it takes. Sue Johnson got us going again, down hill all the way and along a bit to second check. Don't know who found that one.(Sorry to whoever it was. I know the thrill it would give you to see your name in print, well, I do now.) Past some thorny things and some bushy things, both with rather nice leaves, and also some of those razor leaves that I always think would make a rather good ash tray - Ahh times gone past me thinks…
Anyway I picked some up and spent the rest of the run being scratched to death, and goodness knows why I bothered as they are still in Fiona's boot, (she's Heather's car).

Third check was over the stream and on a bit and boy, was that an achievement to find, an incredibly difficult check I might say. (Except for the two seniors who actually spotted the footprints….. And the artificial implants! - ED) A gentle trot by a stream is always a rather pleasant thing to do, (especially when you are in the lead,) even if it does come to an end when the paper stops.

Fourth check was a bit of a give away, as an indiscrete five bar gate had been erected across a rather obvious trail. A bit of a clue I felt. Needless to say, fourth check was also found by me.
The shout up was at Mandy's with excellent food to feed the hungry hens. Judging by the amount of jacket potatoes the 5000 were obviously expected but I thought we made a very respectable dint.

Well done hares and thanks.

(The advice of taking a phone is to be heeded as yours truly being backhorn was not too much of a help as got hopelessly lost at first check and could not hear nor find the pack—this is where calling is important for those who have gone off checking—I should have tied Jenny’s hand to mine so we would be checking together—another hint for checking always go in pairs. As I did not have my phone for the first time ever! I was determined not to live up to my hashhandle again—I followed the stream for a while and found some old paper and came out just before the 1st runner came out. I came out by the power substation where we last started the hash from.– Ed)

Next week: Salambigar Link, Sg Akar

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