Monday, March 12, 2007

RUN 2010

RUN NO. 2010
DATE: 27 FEB 2007
HARES: Trailblazer/Irene
5.13, and Carol and Running Bare went off for a quick recce. Easily finding paper they tooted us off and hared off in the direction of the road, followed at a more leisurely pace by the pack, followed at an even more sedate stroll by Jan M, Madam Sin and yours truly. After admonishing the security for having lights on in the day, we have since heard the self same lights go off at 8pm!! (a strange insight into power wastage - perhaps we should have informed David Bellamy, we limboed under the barrier and up the old road. Soon we came upon 2 fairly inexperienced hashers who called back “There’s no paper ahead” so they quite correctly joined us on the shredded paper leading clearly up the hill in a leftwards fashion.
It wasn’t long before we heard a lot of huffing and puffing, as well as strange calls and hoots from hashers and horns. What WAS happening? The whole pack then trundled past us mumbling and muttering. Rosemary commented that she had almost been at the top, returned to start and then back up the trail again (a sort of masochistic snakes and ladders I think!) Was it a repeat of last year’s Chinese yew Years Run which got stuffed up by front runners ‘off’ paper. Or was it a misguided New Zealand run, ‘Baa! Baa!’ Get it? The blind leading the blind!! I don’t know what went wrong as the new paper was clear for all to see. But… there were hashers and callers everywhere. Mad Marg was at the bottom of the clearing, on her mobile, trying to contact her mates who had crossed the clearing and headed up the hill, with nary a piece of paper within 400m!Tis Alice was horning from a check on a stick! We heard some strange comments like – “It doesn’t matter if there is no paper we will get there anyway!” Honestly Ladies. I don’t like to carp and moan but… a lot of work is put into laying a run, and it’s not fair to assume the paper will go the same way as last time. Keep your eyes peeled and if there is NO paper or only OLD paper, you are seriously off, so DON’T follow it!! And… learn the rules about calling, important for everyone’s safety.
Luckily, everyone rejoined the lovely clear trail, which I heard continued, and had been strimmed to aid our way. And over to Nellie, who had a VERY successful run, finding 2 checks I hear. (so Nellie promised.. So she can write bout her glory of finding one ... No two ... checks in her 10 years of runnint - but she was so excited about her Myanmar (Burma for the colonials) sojourn with John that she must have run out of time and henswords did not get a peep out of her except whether she should or could take her lap top to Myanmar. Yours truly was on holiday mood as well relaxing at the spit with The yacht club and did not get her message till boarding time! Perhaps she had intended sending me a write up in between transit time in Bangkok!
Third check was found by Karen Mc. The hens were out in good time ready for the CNY on on the Orientals had put on. Tina was busy homecooking the veggies and traditional CNY fayre. The roasted chickens and duck went down a treat as did the Yee Shang as the Hens wished in a prosperous "Pig" year. Thanks ladies. On on!

Run 2010: 23 Jln Aman, Off Jalan Muara Kg Sg Tilong
Hares: Tina/Trailblazer/Judy

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