Friday, January 19, 2007


16 January 2007
Run No: 2004
Site: Diplo
Hares: Elaine & Black Beauty
Front Horn: Carol
Back Horn: Dizzy

For the celebrations of our 2000th run, members of all other hashes were invited and some of us brought guests along. Arriving quite late, as usual, there was a big mixed crowd waiting, ready to shoot off into the jungle.
At 5.15pm sharp the horn tooted and on we went following printed paper. As usual for Diplo, we climbed down one of the very steep hills into the nice lush vegetation. When we crossed a big log I knew it was the way to one of the small waterfalls. Until first check it was good running trails, just a bit slippery here and there after all the rain. And then came first check and that never ending hill, up and up and up…… But after walking and puffing heavily we made it and then it went downhill and down and down…..

Don’t ask about the other checks, no clue who actually found them and the whereabouts. Anyway the rest of the run was led through fantastic landscape, we enjoyed the meandering streams (sorry had to look this word up in the dictionary, Elaine) and the lush vegetation, but missed the pitcher plants. Surprisingly we reached the end of the jungle just below the Malaysian High Commissioner’s Residence. Thank you Elaine and Black Beauty, it was a really great run.

It took a while until everybody was ready for the shout-up. What a night of down-downs! After a down- down for the hares, Glamour, one of the co-founders of our hash was called up and Ready Mix was telling us a bit about the start of the hash, not forgetting that Glamour got a down- down. Next, our two JM’s, Naj and Ready Mix, called all the GM’s and JM’s from all the other Brunei Hashes up on stage, who received a warm welcome with a down- down. Maggie and Running Bare celebrated their 100th runs, Carol and Dizzy were front and back horn, Running Bare found first check, a few jokes went through the air and finally Running Bare got rid of her hashit. All in all it was a great and memorable run and evening.

On On
Bini Hutan, Bettina & Gaby

P.S. We had laksa and kebabs to round off the evening.


henswords said...

Ladies Hash Mismanagement were busy bees assisting wherever they could. Also those members who came a bit earlier, many thanks for all your help and the run was able to start off on time with everyone signed.... Well done and many thanks to all including the participants - a good practice for 2008 Brunei Nash Hash! on on

Lala said...

Well said.