Saturday, June 24, 2017

RUN NO. 2548 MCFARM 20 JUN 2017

Date: 20 June 2017
Site: Agro Park
Hares: Sarah B, Sarah C, Sharon and In Too Deep
Front Horn: Lykke    Back Horn: Never Wrong

We all arrived to see the tent had been delivered, but wasn’t standing!
Luckily, Trailblazer stayed back to supervise and it was up when we got back.

The horn sounded and we were off, with the front runners in the distance. We could turn back after first check for the short run (5.5km), or just keep on going for the long (6.5km). Speedy Gonzales found the first check and Footloose the second. The front runners did an extra
loop of the lollipop before Hash Hound realised and relaid an arrow for the rest of us to find our way out before backtracking too far.  It was a good run with everyone out safely. 

The Onon was pretty quiet, with a few away on holidays and some just not there. Hash Hound got hashit for signing in and out before she even did the run… she’s quick, but not that quick! 

We celebrated June birthdays, welcomed new member Liz (from Canada, teacher at JIS), and enjoyed a great spread.

HARES: The Simpang Girls
Please bring chairs!

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