Monday, June 19, 2017

RUN NO. 2547 MATA-MATA 13JUN2017

RUN NO. 2547
SITE:  Bukit Silat (Mata Mata)
HARES: Footloose, Lykke, Sarah B
FRONT HORN: In Too Deep  BACK HORN: Duchess of Cambridge

A successful Mid year committee run was enjoyed by all hashers this week. After a few problems occurred with the previous hash site, a very good decision was made to change the site and with little time and notice the hares managed to pick a new location and do another recce.
 Safe to say everyone felt a bit relieved, thankfully there was no razor grass or bees nests, just pretty views and a very well laid run.

The run was a distance of 4.5km with a variety of jungle, some never ending hills as always and a nice trail to finish. I led the way in as front horn but struggled to keep up with Yogi Beer and Artful Dodger who had beaten me to the finish line [although hash is not a competition, ladies, let’s not forget….] Duchess of Cambridge had back horn.

There was one check which was well spotted by Yogi Beer, while Artful Dodger continued downhill and crossed the bridge to find the remaining trail.

Back at the On -On we were greeted with our mid year hash gifts, the best umbrellas on the market!! All thanks to the committee.

There was a first time guest, an ISB teacher called Hannah, brought by Tracy.

Hash shit was well taken by Duchess of Cambridge, Footloose and Ripper. Duchess of Cambridge had basically asked for hash shit!(very brave of her). She had missed an application deadline for the euro hash in Vienna and so pleaded that if she could still enter she would take hash shit here in Brunei. Footloose had to take one for guest Tanya as she left her water bottle behind last week. And lastly Ripper got it for leaving her shoes and socks behind.

onon - In Too Deep

HARES: In Too Deep/Sarah B/Sharon/Sarah C
Mosquito repellent - a must for this site.

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