Monday, May 22, 2017

RUN NO. 2543 AGRO PARK 16 MAY 2017

RUN NO. 2543
DATE: 16 MAY 2017 (BLUE RUN)

We pretty much knew what was in store for us tonight. Fire trail followed by jungle. 8.5km of it. Well at least we all knew how long it was so were able to make a decision on how far we wanted to go. 

Sadly for some strange reason I thought I'd do the full run, and although I was more than happy with it, my ankles begged to differ by the end of it. 

So we began on the fire trails, a few small inclines as it snaked around to the jungle. What absolutely lovely jungle it is. Lovely clear running trails, a bit of water to cross, ferny banks, sandy and grassy trails. And no big hills! Always a bonus on a longer run. I checked my google maps to see how far we had to go at one point, and although it looked like a long way it in fact wasn't. We completed the loop coming back on the road. Everyone was out by 7 I believe. Hurrah!

Our usual shout up followed, a new member - always good! Welcome to Brittany (spelling?). And a Royal hashit for our ditsy JM who had left the plates at Glamour's house last week. We had a lovely dinner of chilli and rice, as we were all definitely ready to eat by then. 

Then came the bake off judging. We had been asked to make a sweet snack with just 20g of carbs in it. A snack suitable for a person with type 1 diabetes. This is not an easy task, there's so much to take into consideration. Although my cookies were low on carbs, they had too much sugar which would cause a spike. Gin Trap's cake also followed the brief, but you would have had to have eaten a third of the cake to get the correct intake of carbs. The winning entry was Wonder Woman's muesli bar snack. I guess there's a reason she has that name!  It was another reminder of the difficulties all type 1 diabetic sufferers and their families go through each day. A simple snack is an absolute minefield. As a result of this, more money was made for the fund Jane has organised. After the run, dinner and bake off excitement, everyone was pretty much done for. Another lovely h3 evening in the tropics! And hopefully another this week. 

Without a word of a lie we can promise you hills this week. Big hills. But the views are most definitely worth it! On on


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