Friday, May 12, 2017


RUN NO. 2542
DATE: 9 MAY 2017
HARES: Glamour, Psycho, Readymix, LMG

The sun blazed down as the hens gathered for Glamour’s Birthday run (and of course Psycho’s). Twinkle toes gave us a clue as to the run and with that HH blew the front horn, Sam I Am the back horn and off we trekked. Gentle hills, a few scary water crossings (I do not like) and of course a huge hill which had us glowing more than usual (do hens sweat or glow?!)

A short but sweet run for most but the diehard front runners did a swift about turn on reaching the signing in board. Some went in for round two forwards and some did a reverse route run. All arrived safely out of the jungle and we moved onto to Glamour’s for the On On.

Thanks were given to the hares Glamour, Psycho, Readymix and LMG for a great run. A firsttime guest bravely downed something green in fine fashion under the watchful eye of Mum (Tracy). Olivia will hopefully join us again next week. There was a new member - Sarah Grimshaw, who’s first run was memorable due to In Too Deep’s driving into ditches drama at Serasa. Talking of whom, In Too Deep’s absence recently was explained due to her nuptials in Bali. “Love and marriage” were also in the air for Rush Hour who married Makin Bacon (the puns I shall leave to you as they are tooooo easy!) We toasted their health.

Wonder Woman asked for donations for the tombola next week, held to raise money for Type 1 diabetes and asked if they could be wrapped to increase the element of surprise. Sam I Am (that would be me) attempted to explain the “bake a cake with 20g of carbs per portion” competition. Thankfully Alison stepped in and gave much clearer instructions and Sarah pointed out that Google is helpful. (How did we manage pre-google?!) And then onto the stars of the night, Glamour and Psycho. A delicious looking cake was produced and a rousing Happy Birthday sang by one and all.

The JMs congratulated Duchess of Cambridge, Super Trooper, Edna, Hash Hound, Sam I Am and the Recruiter for taking part in the BIM races in KK at the weekend and hash shit went to Sian Yew for a phone ringing incident during the shout out. We were then invited for scrummy food with a delicious dessert of banoffee pie. Glamour held her birthday raffle and each member was called to collect a fabulous prize. A group birthday photo with us showing our lovely gifts and singing Happy Birthday to Glamour rounded off a great birthday run. Next week’s run is at Agro farm. Looking forward to the cake competition. Please bring a chair and some $$ for the tombola and cakes.


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