Tuesday, March 14, 2017

RUN NO. 2533 DIPLO 7 MAR 17

RUN NO. 2533
DATE: 7 MAR 2017

In nice and gently through the grass, then a lovely long down trail which made this hare believe that she was in fact a front runner and could keep up. Pa ha ha! Duly arrived at the very wet, very splashy first check and then found the hares had laid a back check, found by Wonder Woman. Then I realised the error of my ways as I hit a bloody great hill and nearly died! Argh! Bit of confusion about where the second check actually was [more of that later], finally found to be an even more devious double back on yourself super sneaky check later on, found by Itchy Feet.

Thank goodness for the 'pissy pants' drink that greeted us at the good old jungle bar. Best not to down it and plough on up the hideous 'relay hill' to the end unless you want to feel slightly sick is what I learnt....it was delicious though, but should be savoured more is the conclusion!

Sarah C was front horn, Never Wrong was back horn.

There was much merriment at the shout up with Psycho armed with her water gun, and both her and Ripper donning their executioner outfits to name Merrill. From now onwards she will be know as ‘Sambuca’

Several announcements were made [see announcements], among which is a call for secondary people for the roles of ‘hash flash’ and ‘hash softie’. Please see JMs if interested.

The shout up ended with the hares receiving hashit for dropping a load of paper while laying, which caused the confusion about where second check actually was.

Yummy laksa rounded off the evening nicely!

Next week’s run will have 2 options, a short (about 2.5km) and long (about 4.5km). The longer loop will be laid in orange. About 1-1.5km in the run will pass through a cemetery. If you are uncomfortable with passing through there (it is the easier and safer route), there is a steep path about 50m before it on the left hand side (or on the right if you have double backed once you get to the cemetery).

Slippy and scratchy in places, so appropriate footwear and long sleeves, trousers, socks recommended


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