Monday, January 23, 2017


RUN NO. 2526
DATE: 17 JAN 2016
HARES: Rimba Elite Athletes

Well d like to say that at 5.15 the horn went as usual, however due to insane traffic coming off the Tungku Link, I have no idea! I was stuck in a queue to even exit the link, never mind getting to the traffic lights and turning right. 

We had been informed that there were two runs tonight - a 9km B to A and a shorter 6km run from, and returning to, the tent. I managed to park up at about 5.30, as did a few others, and I saw the handful of long run runners in a car park waiting for a missing bus driver to take them to Jerudong to start their run. After a few phone calls he eventually appeared and off they went. As I was so late I decided to just do a walk on the shorter run.

Good open clear trails, a shame I didn't have time to do the whole thing. I am assured by those who arrived on time that it was a lovely run! Everyone came out smiling. And eventually at about 6.40 - our long run runners started to appear, Hash Hound leading the way, Speedy Gonzalez in hot pursuit. Everyone made it out by about 7 I think. So the shout up commenced with one very poorly JM, but she rallied through, very ably supported by her co-JM. A good one as always ladies. 

This was in fact a run promoting awareness of Type 1 diabetes. Sam I Am did an amazing job of informing us about this condition. It's not something I knew much about - and still don't - but we are all now aware of how it can affect ANYBODY. Regardless of age, gender, lifestyle etc. It's quite a frightening thought that anyone at anytime could succumb to this. We now know the symptoms too and we learned about how it impacts lives and how it is manageable but such a complicated issue. Sam I Am and Fe our hats go off to you. What a strong mother-daughter team you are. We were fed an amazing pumpkin and chickpea curry - thanks ladies, all of you. A few of us stayed on a bit to put the world to rights, before packing up and heading home after another great night at H3. 

This week's run is the Aussie Day run, full of the usual cultural delights, and a run with a bit of everything - road, mud, moonscape, jungle, something for everyone! After last week's guest debacle, please make sure that every single guest has an agreed sponsor before they arrive. Hashers end up being the responsibility of the hares when they have laid a run, it isn't fair for guests to be unprepared and totally unacceptable for them to turn up with no idea and no sponsor and head straight into the jungle. Safety for all is our primary concern! Then we can all enjoy our favourite  pastime with 'no worries mate' On on 👣👣👣

HARES: PATSY AND FRIENDS.... Please bring a chair and wear Australian Garb if you have.... NO PRESSURE.

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