Tuesday, September 20, 2016

RUN NO. 2508 SUBOK 309 13SEP16

RUN NO. 2508
DATE: 13 SEP 2016

JM Pee Wee in action without Smurf

A day of lateness for myself, and I have to blame it on the day itself being the first working day of the week.  Not that we are not thankful of a day off the previous day, but it does mess up the rest of the week. 
Got to site late... just as Pee Wee was trundling across the way with the refreshment esky from her pad.  Today’s run was from Psycho’s at the corner and so the entry up to the ridge was on the road rather than through some muddy patch, but I soon recognised the huge mansion complete with a dome that we used to walk by before getting to the fish pond.  Did anyone notice the solar lamps along the way to the top?
So, the climb starts, as I got to the pondok two locals enquired whether I was the last one, I replied yes, and they smiled and said to take my time, only another 20 minutes and you will be up the top, make sure you go right and not left or you will have a very long run!  I was glad to be at the top as a lovely breeze greeted me.  Quick admiration of the scenery and seems the trails are quite worn out since the last time I was there.
Took a few photos and was soon on my way again.  Kept going and being on my own thought of where checks could have been.  I was given to understand that Hash hound found first and third check with Peachi Keen find the 2nd. Subok is always a good workout and I was soon out in 54 minutes., seems a few who were also late was just a few minutes ahead of me.

It was an early shout up way before 7 p.m. and we welcomed two new members, Chloe and Kathryn.
A long queue of reminders and announcements then ensued starting with the JM regarding the Nash Hash on 2nd October in Kuala Lurah, Survivor Run organised by the Boys Hash the following Sunday, and Kids Hash on Sunday.  Cheryl invited hashers to a rock on concert  on the 14th and 15th of October at Freshco (her last performance with the Seranai Singers).
Alison spoke about an upcoming  McMillan Cake and Coffee run on 11th October and explained that it was a charity event held worldwide for the McMillan nurses who cared for cancer patients since 1975.  A cake off will be held with prizes for winners.  Ladies will be able to purchase the cakes baked., and to bring $$$ so that donations can be made. Should be fun evening at the Diplo.

Soon the entertainment started with two hashits. One to Tracey for forgetting she was the “back horn” two weeks in a row.  Rachael was dying for a hashit so she could give it to some one else, so she was duly given one for her sister who was on the phone last week during the shout up.  Beware not to be Rachael’s target as I am sure she will be vicious and mean.  Both hashits was well taken.
Next week’s run at Lucky Gardens will not have as harsh a hill as Subok, and run will start from Pedigree Pup’s house.  Please bring your own chairs (if you own one) and park on the main simpang.

Please bring a chair (if you own one) and park on the main Simpang.

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