Friday, September 09, 2016


RUN NO. 2507
DATE: 6 SEP 2016
More than we expected gathered at one of our favourite, although seldom used, sites - Rapier Range. Tracy Lee was almost in trouble from the start fearing she had forgotten the horn, however this was not to be the case and said horn appeared. Front horn was Peachi, so she tooted at 5.15 and off we sprinted. Across the road and up the ridge line we followed paper and it wasn't long before we got our beautiful views. The slowly setting sun descending into the sea, quite a sight to behold.

Anyway, it wasn't long before first check. I would like to say it was a sneaky check as it took us ages to find the on paper. However it wasn't. It was a well laid, sensible, good old-fashioned back check. The hens checking the right way just didn't check far enough and Mrs Pingu came to the rescue going the further mile (well maybe about 20m) to find the paper. So on we went heading towards the beach. Through some gardens/orchards etc until the paper split -yellow leading out for a short run, white continuing on. This lead us through lots of burnt out forest ground, until we reached the beach. The sun was truly setting now and it was quite stunning. Thanks hares for the treat! We were led back through more gardens and orchards, and eventually came out on the road back up to the on site. 

Then did the sky decided to cry. We huddled under the tent drinking lovely cranberry and pomegranate juice made by Black Beauty with yummy snacks passed around thanks to Where’s Wally. Half the tent were in darkness, I’d say you cant even see your own finger, but god said let there be light, and we could see everyone the whole length of the tent. Unfortunately no hashshit was given (somebody left shoes *cough* and socks *cough* as well as 2 umbrellas made its way into the lost and found box (if nobody claims them Im taking them, I don’t have enough umbrellas). There were 2 FTG, a Rose visiting from England  and (God help me I spell this correctly) Seamen Sucker who has sailed in and parked her boat at the RBYC. We have two new members hurrayyyyyy …. Sorry I wasn’t paying attention on names.

Hares with their hounds during reccee

Jokes and announcements, it was food time ….. did anyone else notice the huddled form behind the Jm’s and looking at her phone? Ehehehehehehe I smell hashshit.
So announcement ;
Nash Hash – See Pedigree Pup
Labuan Cocktoberfest – See God Knows Who
Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for prostate cancer awareness – See Psycho
Next Weeks run is at Subok 309 at Psycho’s new den. Bring a chair just in case I don’t have enough chairs. I have a cats infestation. If you are allergic do not enter my house.
On On
PeeWee & Psycho 

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