Saturday, May 21, 2016

RUN NO. 2491 DIPLO 17MAY16

RUN NO. 2491
DATE: 17 MAY 2016 \

RED DRESS RUN lived up to its name with lots of GIVING and JOY, especially those pissed hares as well as those overtly sexy male guests and members in their finest Reds.

The run was led by front horn Mean Machine with both first and second check found by Mr Yogi Beer. Back Horn Full Steam Ahead was also awarded with her 50th run during shout up.  Other celebrations ensued with best dressed H3 guests and members being awarded for their lovely effort.

H3 guests: Wannabe/Mr Chips/Mufasa
H3 members: Mrs Pingu (cheekily flashed the GMs)/Sam I Am/Never Wrong

In the spirit of the Red Dress Run, hashit veteran Peachi Keen kindly paid a donation instead of being doused in icy water. There was a guest lady hasher but she left before the shout up.

We were spoilt with drinks and food! Hashers were greeted with lively music and a deadly concoction of punch (spiked by the hares) at the camp site near the end of the run.  Heading to the tent, hashers were greeted with the heavenly smell of sizzling bacon by Making Bacon as well as other scrumptious food and luscious cakes brought for the pot luck.

It should be mentioned that Psycho need to call Panda Bear to pick her up as she was smashed even before she got out of the jungle.

(In case you are missing these guys this week, they are having fun at the World Interhash in Bali)

NEXT RUN: LUCKY GARDENS - Park sensibly and bring your own chair., mosquito repellent as there are lots of mozzies.
There will be a short run and a long run - bring your torch.

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