Monday, May 16, 2016

RUN NO. 2490 SPG 378 SG AKAR 10MAY2016

RUN NO. 2490
DATE: 10 MAY 2016

Hens started off H3 by slowing down traffic along Jalan Sg Akar/Subok as they gathered for their usual weekly affair.

Up that steep road we go to get to the green bits....up a little more then down down down....which could only mean one first....some water crossings....lots of leaves on the ground.....hanging on to passing trees and plants as we make our way carefully down trying to make sure we don't fall.....Pedigree Pup behind me announced that she's had a few falls already despite the help of her walking stick.....then we got to THE UP! And in my words of my friend who shall not be was not one "f-off" hill......but 2 and the last one had us doing vertical bear crawls....once we got to the top, there was no question that we would not be turning left for an extra "up to 3km" but taking a right to "exit".

Sorry did not manage to catch who found checks (oops!) but Ryvita was front horn and Tiger Moth was back horn which they have both dutifully passed on.

On we trooped post run to have our last on-on at Gin Trap's house before she moves. We were greeted with appropriate shots and freaking awesome nachos and dips. I do hope the recipe is in this weeks words (Hint HINT!!).

Shout up was a pretty uneventful with no FTG, no new members, no awards....then we hit announcements and there was a scrabble for who goes first! Kids hash on Sunday 15th, Psycho and MGTS has more book making workshops and another retreat, ISB still collecting items for kids to bring to Vietnam, Ripper has a pair of TOMS for sale (US size 9), Black Beauty needs a home for her puppy for a week during the holidays and Alison would like people to please bring any G&T cups they have at home back to hash.....
JMs in action

Psycho with her birthday treat

oh yes and H4 red dress run is on Friday 13th (oh doesn't sound like a good idea now does it?). Hashit offender was not present so that is being saved for another day.

Next week's run is the RED DRESS RUN.  Men are allowed only if they wear a red please wear a red dress or something red post run for the occasion, bring a donation for charity and most importantly BRING A PLATE (with something on it of course). Looking forward to a great time. See you all there!!


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