Saturday, August 22, 2015

RUN NO. 2452 DIPLO 18AUG15

RUN NO. 2452
DATE: 18AUG2015

Heavy skies over Diplo, would we be lucky and have a dry run? No!

Five minutes after signing in we heard the pitter patter of raindrops on the tent. Someone said it was to be a shortish run, so the rain wouldn't be a problem and we were to look for Christmas tags.

We set off up to the ridge as the rain became more persistent, and wet!

Nice walk along the ridge into the jungle and down to the valley. At the river, Never Wrong, Alison and I made an executive decision not to cross the log (I hate logs!) and turned round. On the way back we met Mrs Pingu and Peachi Keen doing their second circuit!

At the shout up the hares were thanked for laying such a nice run. Alice in Wonderland was down downed for having completed 600 runs, although Alice thinks she has only done 550! There were no first time guests, but a few announcements - the Kids Hash is at Lucky Gardens; Good Night Kiwi is looking for broken jewelry; Please register for the 7 in 7 by next week. Interested in the Lawas run? See Mamasan.

For entertainment Ripper told a Malaysian joke about Mr Najib, I'm sure he has never told a lie in his life!!!

Hashit was delivered to Jenny on the block, Where's Wally and Ripper. It all seemed to have something to do with shoes!

After all the excitement, those who had found Christmas Tags in the jungle were rewarded by presents from Santa Psycho.  Thank you Psycho, you are a generous girl, there were lots of presents.

Then on the grub, spicy pumpkin soup and bread rolls. Just the thing for a chilly, rainy evening. A nice wee raincoat would be a suitable goodie at Founder's Night, just saying!

Next week's run is at the Water Tower, Sungai Akar. Please park at the bottom of the hill. The paper will start at the top of the hill.  Onon will be at Cheryl's - please bring a chair.

HARES: Cheryl/Alison/Black Beauty

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