Wednesday, August 05, 2015

RUN NO. 2450 SUBOK 67 4AUG15

RUN NO. 2450

On, on, up and up and up and up…it seemed to never end. 
On, on, back and back and back again.

Subok 67 was the place – a new one for me. Had I have known how much road, I would have worn different shoes – I was slip sliding all over the pavement!

With storm clouds looming in the distance, the small group of hares parked our cars at the gate and started huffing it up the road. The first check was found by Moana – even though I (Mean Machine) was at the front. My brain saw the plastic bag of paper and thought “rubbish” not “check”.  Oops!  On back was the call and the huffing and puffing continued.

Finally into some jungle, but wait! Another check!  This time I was on alert for the plastic bag and spotted it quickly. A back check, yet again, but this time leading further into the greenery. 
There was a “nice” hill heading up through a path lined with bamboo – beautiful indeed. I hear from one of the hares after that they purposely added that hill JUST for the beauty. Note to future hares – this is not necessary. Haha! 

The third check was found at the top of this hill – and it took us awhile to continue on. There was talk of just running back the way we came (the thunder in the distance wasn’t keep us patient), phone calls were even made to ask about the paper – but to no avail. Finally the on, on paper was found…and yes, another on, on back. Is there some sort of record for that?

Due to the continuous back checks, I was behind some of the group as we were on the back end of this lollipop run. The joy in some people’s eyes when they realized I was BEHIND them was something to behold. “WHAT? I am ahead of Mean Machine!  I am going to cherish this!”  Good times.

To the Duchess of Cambridge’s home for the on on!  The rain had held off at this point…and just as everyone was settled with  drink in hand the sky opened up and decided to lash down. Although we were under cover, the wind aided in sending the rain sideways right at us. Luckily there was enough room inside for everyone to eat and remain dry at the same time.

It was a delicious spread – mountain wraps with chicken and all the fixings and fruit for dessert.
Thanks for a great Tuesday, hares!

Next week the run will be at Jalan Muara 470. I really don’t know more than that!  Haha!
See you there (hopefully more front runners will be back to join me).
Mean Machine, Hash Hound, Speedy Gonzales

NEXT RUN: SPG 420 JLN MUARA, KG SG TILONG (Please park sensibly on the road to the Estate and walk to the start of run.

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