Saturday, April 11, 2015

RUN NO. 2433 SPG121SUBOK 7APR2015

 RUN NO. 2433
DATE: 7APR2015
It was another small gathering of hashers who arrived at Subok  for the hash run.
We were informed there was a medium and short run and not to worry because the first 15 minutes were the worst. The hares were certainly right about that.It was all uphill at first but I counted more than 15 minutes of climbing.  New member Karla decided to turn back but was convinced by Psycho to carry on as it would get easier.
First check was found quickly and we were soon going downwards, through some new trails. We continued along road and then back through jungle till we were back along familiar trails we have not done for quite a while.  It was good to be able to enjoy them again.
Thank you hares for reacquainting us with this jungle again. (I heard 3rd check was found while some seasoned hashers were reminiscing the sights from the old days and stumbled on the "on" paper! Should have made the checks harder but then again, we did not want to go back in for lost hens! having had the luxury of a shower. Ed)
We were met at the roadblock with the hares and a welcome punch, we rehydrated then strolled back to Duchess Of Cambridges for the on on.
The on on was another fairly quiet affair with many still enjoying holidays. There were 2 first time guests, Nicola and Lisa both Kiwis. Squeak reminded us that hash relay is only three weeks away. Seems to have come up quickly. Hope everyone has teams and their theme outfits ready.
Mrs Pinggu entertained us with some politically incorrect jokes from her father.We were left wondering about the ones she didn't  read though.
Thank you hares for the delicious wraps, chicken and salads.

On On Neverwrong
NEXT RUN: KAPOK KANAN - Celebration run

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