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RUN NO. 2432 SPG 370 31MAR15

RUN NO. 2432

DATE: 31 MAR 2015



Survivor with daughter Karla and Alice in Wonderland as back horn
Hares Tiff & Never Wrong with standy in JM Ryvita looking on

It had been a very hot day with threat of rain and even rumbling skies in the distance, but the rain kept away.

With the two JMs on holiday, Hash Hound had volunteered to look after proceedings but with the hazy days prior was too sick to be at hash.  Ryvita took up the challenge and started everyone off at 5.15 pm.  A very small crowd had gathered with the seasoned hashers leading the pack.  After having been on holiday for quite a few weeks, Pee Wee was keen to run keeping Ryvita company.
First check was called after following the huge Sg Tilong storm drains
and with “hash knowledge” Trailblazer guessed it had to be to the right and soon found the on paper.  For a while Sid, Duchess of C and Trailblazer became front runners but front horn Ryvita and Pee Wee were soon on our heels.

We wove around and under some bushes and along the fence line that we used to take from the other side of Spg 370.  Quite a bit of maintenance and repairs were lacking and at some point a tree had fallen on the fence breaking the security! I wonder if the lights still work?  We raced along familiar trails and were soon at the open space and the daunting upward climb towards the cliff by the edge of the jungle came into sight. 

Paper led us into the jungle by the bottom right but 2nd check was soon called.  By then the rest of the pack had arrived at the edge of the clearing and ladies were over the whole area checking.  Readymix called on back into the jungle and we were again on track homeward bound.  From then easy trail out back on the road to Tiff’s new crib.  An orderly crowd with one new guest (Antonia) introduced.  No hashit was given and we then tucked into self design fillings of chicken, tuna, salad, egg and cheese with a good variety of bread rolls.  There was also chocolate biscuits for those with sweet tooth.

 The small crowd of just over 20 soon dispersed and as usual only the “hardcore” stayed till quite late or shall I say early?
NEXT RUN: Spg 121 Jalan Subok (town end) with onon at Spg 106. Please bring a chair. No parking in Spg 106 so please park at Spg 121 or along Jalan Subok.
HARES: DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE/TRAILBLAZER - Wear long pants if you don’t want your legs to be scratched.

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