Monday, March 23, 2015


RUN NO. 2430
HARES: Wonderwoman/The Recruiter/Sam I Am

Tuesday dawned to a rather nasty fog gracing Bandar. One of my col-leagues pointed out this would mean the day was going to be a hot one. He was definitely right! Once the fog lifted we were blessed with a beautiful, clear, sunny day with not even the threat of rain. And so it was, in the swel-tering heat of the late afternoon, we all gathered at Mentiri Waterfalls keen and eager to tackle the run.

The gracious and kind hares had taken pity on those of us who are on the fitness challenged side and provided three possible runs. The short and easy run was said to be 2km’s (and I can tell you this was totally true), with a medium run of 2.5km’s and a long run of 5.5km’s. The runners greeted the news of the 5.5k run with cheers of excitement (can anyone else say "crazy!").

5.15 quickly rolled around and off we all went towards the in trail. From there we went up. And up. And up. Luckily for me there was a bit of a plateau about half way up where I was able to catch my breath before heading up again (yep, sadly the up’s were not all done yet.)

Once we reached the top of the hill (mountain?) it was along the trail to the right towards where a rather unsightly road has been cut right through the middle of this beautiful jungle. We crossed the road and headed back into the jungle where we quickly stumbled onto the first check. To find the paper again we had to go back across the road and deeper into the jungle on the waterfall side.

The trail was absolutely gorgeous (as the jungle always is in Brunei) and gently undulated along the ridgeline for a while. Shortly thereafter we found a fork in the track that led us (those who chose the short trail) down the origi-nal hill we had climbed (am I the only one thinking it may have been a bit pointless to climb it in the first place?)

After crossing a couple of streams (after all it’s not a hash without at least one water crossing!) we passed over a clearing and out past the swimming hole. That water sure looked inviting!

After exiting the jungle it was off to The Recruiters place for the shout up, where we got to meet Mean Machines guest who regaled us with the story of her visit to Kampong Ayer where she saw some "promiscuous" monkeys.

The hares honored St Paddy’s day with excellent poetry created by those lucky enough to find a shamrock in the jungle, and with a quiz (which was bloody hard!) The shout up was then followed by an excellent spread of tra-ditional Irish fare (which perfectly complimented the totally excellent green punch - yum!)

A very enjoyable evening was had by all, and the Hares deserve a huge thank you for such a great St Paddy’s Day celebration run.

Next week’s run is the H3 inaugural Red Dress. Don’t forget to wear red and bring a donation for our nominated charity, One Stop Wildlife. See you all at Diplo.

On on.


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